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by Prabhjot Kaur
November 19, 2005

Prabhjot Kaur
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Blogging has become an essential part of the business and industry. It is the best mode of the marketing for the business. So to attract business blog can be very helpful. Blog updates the knowledge of the customers and the impending customers about the various products, events and the services of the company and business. It shows readers that you are a good source of  information that they can count on.

Over and over again the websites of sales representative are nothing more than a corporate website. These types of websites also make it difficult for a sales representative to look unique. They all have the same websites saying the same thing. Corporate sites also make it difficult for the representatives to hold special contests or special sales.

A blog helps in updating the customers anytime whenever a company released a new product. Blogs also can be more fun and unique than the traditional newsletter. Newsletters are often sent out at a set time. With blogs you can stop in anytime. With all the feeds available your visitors can subscribe to your feeds and be instantly updated without any spam filters interfering.

If you want to produce a professional looking blog, try using a service such as Blogger.com. You can then upload your blog quickly and easily readily available for your visitors. Another great thing about Blogger.com is that it is free. This means no hosting costs or domain costs. 


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