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Twitter Lists - How To Use It To Enhance Your Tweeting Experience

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by Kabir Bedi
November 09, 2009

Kabir Bedi

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Twitter recently rolled out its new 'Lists' feature that allows Twitter users to create a list of people that others can follow with just a single click. This feature can enhance the user experience greatly and also make the microblogging website a great deal more useful!

Creating a List

Go to your Twitter page and you would see a new section on the right-hand sidebar called 'Lists.' Click the option of 'New List' and you are all set to create a list comprising of your favorite Twitter users. And your followers can follow all these accounts in just one-click

Adding People to a List

Browse through the list of people you follow and mark whoever you want to include in your List. However, if you follow a large number of people then this method can be quite cumbersome.
Visit user profiles one-by-one and add them to the list of your choice. Use the new 'Lists' pull-down that appears in user profiles and mark them under relevant lists

Use of Twitter Lists

Organizing your Twitter Stream

Twitter lists are very useful to organize your Twitter stream and categorize people you follow into different groups. For example, you may follow a diverse set of people. While some may be your clients, some blogging buddies, marketers, company profiles, favorite movie stars and actual real-life friends. Putting them under relevant lists helps you categorize them efficiently and view a customized Twitter stream. Not only do you reduce the overwhelming information stream but also you get to view categorized tweets.

Online Journalism

You can simply create a List pertaining to a specific topic and then filter massive amounts of data through the same. This will help you get a steady stream of information pertaining to the topic. Its all about reducing the noise and viewing what you want to view. Instead of getting all the information posted by everyone, you can simply choose to see information from a certain section of people. Many news organizations and publishers are using Twitter lists to create staff directories, recommending their favorite Twitter people and specific information. This enables them to use Lists for curated real-time steams and to follow events.

Create Directories

Twitter Lists can act as efficient organization tools that help businesses create directories and break down the information stream into various categories. For example if you are a service provider and cater to different industry sectors, then you can create lists for different sectors and industry and have a customized record of all the latest events, happenings and information. These directory listings would be immensely helpful for people who are looking forward to follow people belonging to niche industries.

Get More Followers

When you get featured on a List, then you have high chances of being followed by a number of people who would be interested in the niche list. Being featured on a Twitter list is a great way to get new followers and expand your network.

Twitter Lists offer some very valuable advantages. So, get started now and make lists and in all probability you will get featured in people's list as well!


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