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Mobile SEO: Responsive Designs are not enough

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by Andrew Branson
August 01, 2012

Andrew Branson

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A huge step for mobile SEO—the announcement of major search engines are now advocating that there should be one “URL to Rule Them All” paves the way for a more responsive interface to be used and understood by more users today.

Remember that current interface already uses a simple responsive design with a layout that changes depending on the Smartphone, while maintaining the content and information of basic desktop searches. And while this platform is effective for news and blogs, products and services—wherein search behaviour and the idea that it has to be more interactive—means the game changes as well. Users who conduct product searches on a desktop or a laptop are in fact more likely to look for the best price and shipping options available, while anyone who is doing the same on a Smartphone is likely to searching for a business location or product within close proximity or if the stock is available.

A strong deciding factor for mobile use of the Internet is convenience, in the same way that it is for desktop users. But while desktop generally have the time and resources to study the numerous they are presented on online, mobile users are seeking the quickest and easiest way to learn about whatever information they are need. Statistically, mobile users turn to their mobile devices with the intent of checking brief snippets of information as opposed to the variety of options they have the option of scouring through if they have the luxury of being sat in front of their computers to scroll through photos and text.

It is these small nuances where the expertise of a mobile SEO company is essential. An SEO agency understands its users’ needs and habits online, whether on desktop or mobile, knowledge of keyword usage and other SEO techniques continues to increase. Years of practice and dynamic ability to evolve following the pace of technological advances has made mobile SEO companies more attentive to the specific needs of the diverse technologies that consumers now have at their disposal. A consistent drive to deliver results and prove that the potential of mobile SEO can deliver the necessary numbers to move a brand or business’ bottomline makes it, as an industry, work doubly hard to show positive numbers. And it takes so much more than attractive design and simple interfaces to ensure that a mobile site is useful and relevant to the needs of its target audience.

Because in as much as design and content are a strong driving force for mobile Internet usability, so are the backend logistics of it such as search behaviour, intent, title tag and meta descriptions, URL and a responsive design approach.


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