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AdMob: Overcoming Challenges and Reaping Results

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by Andrew Branson
January 08, 2013

Andrew Branson

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Pay per click advertising has definitely evolved together with the advancements in online marketing practices. One of the growing platforms that every PPC marketing company has its eye on is mobile and one of the rising stars in mobile advertising is AdMob which was recently incorporated to Google Adwords. This gave advertisers more options and makes AdMob a more attractive and appealing advertising platform.

Especially because recently, Google announced that the cost per click on PPC advertising is declining and the lowest advertising costs are in AdMob. Mobile SEO services have been put on the spotlight ever since the boom in Smartphones and other mobile devices and AdMob now boasting the lowest CPC only adds to the attractiveness in mobile advertising.

However, you and your partner PPC marketing company should understand where these low costs are emanating from. AdMob is a relatively new ad channel and during ad auctions, there are relatively fewer bidders as compared to AdWords which is why the CPC is also low.

That being said, the million dollar question is: is it wise to invest in this ad platform?

At the End of the Day, It’s All about Optimization

Here’s the thing.People are using apps and when you tap into app-based advertising platforms, you will get impressions. When will the volume of impressions for AdMob be comparable to that of AdWords? Only time, future technology and mobile application usage trends will tell. However, the more important question is, are your ads optimized to give you revenue and profit?

Profitability optimization is something mobile SEO services should look at. Really, there’s no point getting tons of impressions if you are not converting. There are those that report the their mobile AdWords campaigns account anywhere between 20% and 30% of all their AdWords conversions and if Google will promote AdMob aggressively over the next few years, it’s not impossible that it’s going to be a huge source of conversion value for advertisers. That is, if your ad campaigns are optimized for conversion.

A Great Starting Point for Rooking Mobile Advertisers

Time and again, experts in mobile SEO services kept reminding advertisers to have mobile versions of their sites to give on-the-go internet users the ultimate user experience. Developing a separate mobile site can take a lot of resources, though responsive design technology is already gaining popularity.

Because, the CPC is AdMob is relatively more affordable, it is a “safer” venue for rookie mobile advertisers to start if they are not yet willing to create a dedicated site for mobile consumption. Also, there are now a growing belief that because of the larger screen sizes of mobile devices in the market today, mobile internet surfers are now looking for the “full website” experience as opposed to the watered down mobile versions.

Net, if you’re a first-timer in mobile advertising, AdMob is a viable option you or your partner PPC marketing company should look into.

The Key to AdMob Success

Different technologies, same fundamentals – this marketing principle applies to mobile SEO services. When using emerging ad platforms such as AdMob, make sure that you employ marketing fundamentals (i.e. Identifying who your target market is and selecting an app that appeals to them) to ensure that your ad will produce results.


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