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4 Website Tips to Get Your Client Experience on the Road to Recovery

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by Michelle Kerr
February 04, 2014

Michelle Kerr

Michelle is a social media pro who owns her own ecommerce business on the side. She writes about small business solutions for a number of blogs.

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In a recent article about rising concerns over how disgruntled customers make use of social media, the World Global Education Network details the particularly powerful tweets of Hasan Syed, an angry customer of British Airways. Rather than mulling and moaning among his peers, Syed decided to invest personal cash into a promoted tweeter campaign against the company. The results:

  • the message spread
  • tweeters responded
  • British Airways was forced to acknowledge Syed's complaints

There is nothing new about negative word-of-mouth aggression. However, the power of social media unlocks previously sealed broadcast channels. In times of consumer crises, the business that is fully skilled in social-based reputation management shines. In his book "Satisfied Customers Tell Three Friends, Angry Customers Tell 3,000," Pete Blackshaw suggests that wisdom dictates every company must monitor consumer-generated media; however, predominate power of protection still depends upon establishing long-term credibility with customers.

Learn how to manage your client experience and you will have fewer complaints and less threat via negative social media activity. Use the following four tips to get your client experience on the road to recovery:

1. Use An Ethnically Diverse Workforce

According to a study from the University of Texas Arlington, favorable perception of your business is linked directly to the customer's ethnical ties to your company's salesperson or service agent. Some of the presiding factors associated with an ethnically diverse workforce include:

  • comfort in a shared cultural background
  • a positive sense of congruency
  • elimination of language barriers
  • deeper sense of preferential treatment

2. Website Customer Advocacy and Morphing

Coined in 2005 by Professor Glen Urban from MIT Sloan, the concept of a website that promotes customer advocacy and that provides a morphing Internet experience has the power to elevate your company's position in your given industry.

Customer advocacy is purposed to develop a trust-based consumer experience. In realizing the power of such a design, two marketing bases are involved:

  • customer satisfaction
  • total quality management

In partnership with customer advocacy, a morphing website serves to enhance the customer's digital experiences via features that enable rapid cultural and cognitive styling without customizing each page. Morphing provides simple and accurate personalization that enhances your communication with your customers.

3. Online Invoicing

Efficient management of customer accounts and data security established through professional grade invoicing can greatly increase your customer’s confidence in your business. Effective online invoicing software from companies like Intuit simplifies bookkeeping, ensures invoice accuracy and enables efficient time tracking. On the flip side of that, poorly conceived invoicing software rattles consumer confidence in your company and employees. For example: Recent California complications with the Obamacare invoice system have provoked a consumer cry of outrage followed by fear. According to the California Report, a window into the state of health, phone systems are jammed and the deadline for confirmation of successful insurance coverage has already passed.

4. Virtual Assistant Technology

According to a North America survey conducted by the Loyalty Marketer's Association, one-third of the respondents have adopted virtual assistant technology. Additionally, 81 percent of the survey group plans to use or has used virtual agents on their company website. Nearly half of the companies also integrate virtual agents with their live chat features.


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