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How Mobile Marketing Brings in Customers

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by Tiffany Hayes
February 19, 2014

Tiffany Hayes

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Every business needs marketing. Over the years, marketing has evolved to what businesses need to cope up with the changing times. Technology, of course, plays a big part in our present universe. Naturally, marketing have to adapt; thus, giving us new methods such as social media marketing and mobile marketing. Mobile marketing, in particular, has brought significant changes in the marketing game. One may think, what would a mobile website or a mobile app contribute to the income of the business? Are these really assets or just a waste of money? There's one significant role mobile marketing effectively filled for businesses and marketers--customer service. Find out how.

It directly communicates to the target market

What can be more direct conversation than a phone in your hand? Of course, interpersonal communication will always come to mind first, but salesmen don't have the time to dote on a customer at any given hour of the day. The customer's phone, on the other hand, and other gadgets are just there, lying around waiting to be picked. In the shoes of a marketer, that is the most feasible postal for their messages to their target market.

It connects individuals

People act more actively when they are connected, when they know that there is at least one person in their neighborhood or community who loves something or somewhere. Of course, users can also feel that in social networking sites. However, mobile marketing methods such as mobile apps and mobile websites can give that to consumers of specific brands. A certain brand can create an app that lets its consumers interact with each other, discussing among themselves both the good and the bad features of that certain brand. It can also coordinate with a mobile web design company and turn its mobile website more interactive and user friendly.

It stays with the consumers 24/7

People can't stay apart from their mobile devices for a long time. Take their smartphones away from mobile phone addicts for more than a few minutes, and they get all jittery and paranoid. That is the opportunity over there. That is the opportunity marketers should take advantage of. Mobile advertisements are always an option. But there are also other options and services waiting to be utilized. For example, a brand can use a popular mobile app to stage a mobile marketing campaign--say, Instagram or Vine. Because mobile devices stay with your target market 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it is almost impossible for them to miss the campaign you are brewing.

It can tap to what the consumers want

In order to provide a better customer service, brands must know what their target audience wants first. It wouldn’t be that hard for mobile marketers since, as previously mentioned, mobile devices are within close reach at every hour of every day. With this in mind, collecting information and preferences from one's target market is already easier. Tapping on the consumers' demands and effectively taking action can bring you nearer to your consumers.


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