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Some Important People Skills that SEO and Clients Need to Master for Success

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by Tim Stevenson
October 20, 2015

Tim Stevenson

Tim Stevenson is a web marketing guru and is attached to a reputed consultancy firm in Los Angeles. He is an ardent blogger and advises readers to take up professional SEO training to gain knowledge to succeed in web marketing campaigns.

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Success of any SEO does not depend on individual expertise and skill alone. Top SEOs are those that operate on a strong foundation of collaboration. Only those businesses are highly successful that focuses on collaborating heavily with web marketers. Here are some essential people skills that are applicable to web marketing and most precisely to SEO and the clients who need to work together for the success of web marketing campaigns.

Learn to Accept Hard Reality

Role of the SEO: Sometimes some campaign may not be heading in the right direction. You must be aware of the actual reasons behind the campaign’s failure. You may try to make excuses or you could choose to pay attention to the truth. It is difficult to accept and digest the truth, but if you are strong enough it would motivate you to divert your energy and efforts to the campaign again and this time make the campaign a success or at least more effective.

Role of the Client: Even the client should be able to listen to hard truths and take remedial steps. Though you have every right to criticize the way a web marketing campaign is progressing, you also should be open to hard truths. You should rectify your mistakes if any. If you are not prepared to face reality then you would be making same mistakes again and again.

Cultivate the Habit of Listening to Others

Role of the SEO: The SEO needs to tell the client what are the things to do. However, before that the SEO should listen carefully to the client’s requirements and requests. You need to ask the client all the relevant questions in order to clearly understand what exactly the client requires or desires. Unless you know the client’s precise requirements you could never serve the client keeping in mind their best interest.

Role of the Client: Many clients know what exactly they are looking for. They explain their requirements to the SEO and expect no deviation from their plans. But that may not be the correct course of action if you wish to succeed. You must explain things to the SEO and listen to their ideas and plans. Be open to discussions and suggestions. If you insist on dictating every step of the web marketing campaigns, you would be imposing restrictions on the SEO and it would not be able to do what actually needs to be done. Leave some planning to the experts. You could get some professional SEO training to gain knowledge to succeed in web marketing campaigns. 

Be Receptive toward Ideas and Thoughts of Others

Role of SEO: The web marketer is supposed to be equipped with sound knowledge, skill and experience to get the client’s job done. However, they need to understand the specific needs of the client clearly and adapt to the really unique circumstances of the clients. They need to customize their plans as per unique client needs. You may be faced by unique challenges so do not hesitate to adopt a new approach.

Role of the Client: Remember your SEO is supposed to be helping you in overcoming the challenges. Be open to innovative ideas; learn to implement some truly unconventional ideas and thoughts. Be open to new approaches. Try out something different if your SEO recommends them to you. If the downside is negligible go ahead with the novel idea.

Remember Team Effort is the Key to Success of Any Web Marketing Campaign

SEO is just not about some technical strategies and their execution. It is primarily the ability and the wisdom to make effective decisions. Remember good web marketing is the product of team effort and excellence. Both the SEO and the client need to collaborate and play a distinctive role toward the successful completion of the campaign. They need to work in unison for the overall success of a particular web marketing project.


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