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SEO Tips To Help Your Small Business Get Noticed

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by Anita Ginsburg
January 25, 2016

Anita Ginsburg
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The local, national and global reach of the Internet gives small business owners previously unheard of access to potential customers. It also helps small businesses compete better against large businesses. Yet, like any tool, you must learn how to master it.

The Importance of Rank

Although a small business should strive to appear in search results above the fold on the first page, an increase in traffic is still possible if it appears on the first two pages. In the past, many small business owners believed that the only way to get major search engines to rank their links high in results was by stuffing keywords on their sites, using jump pages and other "black hat" methods. These tactics aren't necessary. The following tips can help improve your site's rank:

Focus on Needs

Search engine companies use algorithms that focus on organic results based on a variety of factors, such as user keyword searches, user Internet activities and website reputation. You need to think more about the questions and issues your target market normally types in searches to know the best keywords to use on your website.

Attract Through Content

New and repeat customers are attracted by value. Engage people with attractive content through different methods, such as e-newsletters, a video channel or social networks. For example, many people prefer DIY articles, white papers, product review videos, contests and Q&A sessions. Add links back to your site to each piece of content and/or associated page.

Improve Content Quality

Search engine companies penalize businesses for poor content. It's more important than ever before to create the best content possible that is interesting and of the highest quality. Great content is also important to maintaining an excellent brand reputation.

Update Content Frequently

If your content remains the same all year long, repeat site visitors will decide to go elsewhere. Additionally, no matter the industry, news and changes happen every day, and your competitors are updating frequently. Keep your content fresh. If you don't have the time, a professional SEO firm can do the work for you.

Learn Don't Copy

A successful competitor's website can provide you with great ideas about how to improve your own site. That said, you should never copy the format or content. This type of action leads to search engine penalties and creates a negative brand reputation.

These are only a few of many great SEO tips. It’s important you get help from experts in the industry when your goal is to improve SEO for your website. With strategic link building, the right content and effective keyword research, you can boost your rankings.


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