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How To Build A Memorable And Unique Brand Through Effective Design Solutions

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by Anita Ginsburg
February 09, 2016

Anita Ginsburg
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Branding is more than a buzz word due to the impact it has on businesses. Having a memorable logo or unique slogan are examples of strategies to aim for. Others include a website, mascot, jingle, and literature to showcase it. Finding a design solution that seamlessly blends these mediums becomes crucial.


The biggest component to any brand’s narrative is its logo. Consumers are familiar with golden arches and swishes that represent cultural icons. The imagery needs no words to know who it represents. Striving for this level of recognition carries powerful clout that set trends among other metrics. Partnering with experts from a creative firm such as Arc and Co. can help you to reach this status.

Online Presence

The design solution of the logo is the flagship catalyst for the online presence. Inspirational content is the next layer that draws consumers to join a movement that relates to them. Utilizing out-of-the-box concepts in the digital space is the way to break through. Create landing pages that captures the imagination instead of displaying tons of information.


Poetic words can have their own design quality with an ebb and flow of harmony incorporated. More than a rhyme, but a subliminal statement that compels the unspoken call-to-action. Slogans have a way of becoming a vernacular in the cultural landscape. Just Do It! is a prime example. The words should be a concrete extension to the continuing brand narrative.

Spokesperson or Mascot

When it comes to uniqueness, a spokesperson or mascot can really do the trick. The challenge is partnering with a persona or celebrity that fits the mold. However, creating one will certainly carve a niche for emerging influencers. Let the original design solutions serve as a benchmark to stay true to the brand’s culture.


The literature has to be as consistent as the unique narrative that is created. This includes attention to details with placement of logos and fonts and colors. In some cases, these are immutable. However, using seasonal design strategies such as a retro look or adding holiday flair is a prudent option. Plugging into the fabric of popular cultural themes can be staged as a partnership with the collective human experience.

The imagery companies create is the compelling call-to-action that sticks with consumers. For this reason, it is paramount to design the perfect solution. Over time, the unique brand story line will continue to fall seamlessly into place.


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