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The Five Reasons Why Tourists Love to Manage their Twitter Account

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by Sheena Mathieson
February 12, 2016

Sheena Mathieson

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The world is a huge place and is a beautiful mix of languages, races, cultures and traditions. The biggest agent that brings people across the world together is the youngest child of the internet –social media. Various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have been bridging cultural and linguistic barriers and uniting the world together.

Everyday, millions of people log into their social media accountsand share their thoughts throughout different corners of the world. Moreover, there are those people who share their expeditions and experiences with the world as they go across it. Over the past years, a large number of ‘tourist’ accounts have come up on Twitter and other social media, gathering followers that love their content.

Accounts such as @quirkytraveller, @velvetescape, @Brendanvanson are some of the popular traveler Twitter accounts. These users manage their Twitter accounts on the go and post their experiences online. Apart from the travel blogger, everyday people love to share experiences with the world when travelling. People tend to partake in Twitter page management even when we’re exhilarated or tired from all our journeying.

Recently, Global Allianz carried out a research on some habitual Twitter users and found out that they use the social media platform a lot while preparing for their travel or on the go. So why do tourists love to manage their Twitter accounts so much? Here are five reasons why:

1. To get travel advice

A large number of travelers use social media to prepare themselves for travelling. They use Twitter as a platform to ask for travel advice, encircling a wide range of concerns from deciding which place to go to which agent to book with. Many prospective travelers have used Twitter to get good deals on hotels and plane tickets as well.

Twitter has a wide base of users and many of them are experienced travelers and local residents that have plenty of good advice to give the tourists who are yet to make their journey. Since Twitter is a social media platform, it has a far bigger user-base and a quick query will give one a variety of answers with different points of view, unlike travel journals and blog posts that usually depict a single person’s opinion.

By using Twitter to plan a journey, one can ensure that they don’t miss out on some great deals and itineraries. One can find out the major tourist attractions of a place, the lesser-known but interesting places to visit, the fun things to do or good places to eat on, and many others. Twitter has helped a lot of travelers plan their journey and make the best out of it.

2. To share their experiences tothe world

This goes without saying that people want to share their good experiences with the world around. They also want to share interesting and quality tweets. Tweets of their tourist expedition serve both these purposes. This is the biggest reason why users involve themselves with Twitter page management even while travelling. This also helps bring in more followers as more people with similar interests and experiences find each other interesting. Travel and tourism have always been one of the most popular topics on Twitter and a quality tourist blog definitely attracts a large number of followers.

A well-maintained tourist account can bring in a lot of new followers; sometimes this is even more effective than buying real Twitter followers. On the other hand, for those who do choose to buy real Twitter followers, their travel experiences are a great topic to keep their audience interested and engaged. Whether or not someone chooses to buy real Twitter followers, tweeting travelling experiences is always an interesting and effective Twitter tactic.

3. To ask for help

In recent news, an American tourist who was trapped inside a London bookstore was freed through the help of Twitter. David Willis of Texas found himself locked inside London’s Waterstones books while he was busy browsing.He was stuck for two hours and he took to Twitter and tweeted:

Around afternoon, this tweet had been retweeted by about 12,000 people and within two hours of the tweet, he had been freed by the police and the authorities.This is just one example of a tourist using Twitter to escape a hostile situation. Tags like #helpme, #lost, etc. have been frequently used by tourists to get help through social media. The calls for help range from problems with money, visas, or baggage to contacting the embassy. In most cases, help has been delivered.

4. To interact with travel agents

A common reason why tourists manage their Twitter account while travelling is to get good deals on travelling, food and lodging as well as advice from travel professionals. According to the statistics from Global Allianz, about one-third of the travel-related tweets are directed towards professionals in the field of tourism. Moreover, it was seen that around 46% of these queries were responded to. Many have managed to get discounts and offers through Twitter interactions as well. Therefore, anyone that is going to be travelling soon mustget the Twitter contacts of some travel agents and professionals.

5. To vent out their travel distresses

Whenever anyone has a major experience –good or bad –people like to talk about it. However, when someone is miles away from home and loved ones,not really having anyone to talk to, what can be done? This is where Twitter page management helps people vent out their feelings and emotions. Sometimes people have bad travel experiences and just want to complain about it. On the other hand, some may be enthralled and want to share their excitement with the world. In either case, Twitter has been a favorite platform for travelers.

Twitter enables busy travelers to share a gist of their experiences quickly to a wide audience. It has helped numerous tourists make the best out of their expeditions. No wonder why Twitter has been popular among tourists, travel enthusiasts, and even to travel marketers who seek to buy real Twitter followers.


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