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Local SEO 2016: 4 Must Follow Tips

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by Sagar Mandan
March 21, 2016

Sagar Mandan

Sagar Mandan is HR and content writer at techssocial.net. He handles all the marketing and SEO service part of his team. You can follow him on twitter as well. During his free time he likes to stay with his family and friends.

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If you run a small business or company that depends on customers from local area, then local SEO is significant for your business. Local SEO is part of SEO that helps users to search and find you in search engine or basically Google.

Local Search

Local SEO is crucial because as a result of B2B customers depend upon the internet. Google is a basic a part of the digital economy and only a few major purchase selections are done without Google.

Four Tips for Local SEO In 2016

Voice Search.

Along with the increase of search in mobile gives out bigger demand for voice search. Some people are working only on mobile and rarely use laptop or pc to search. Now it’s world of mobile most websites are visited on mobile. Many users have now a days tendency for voice search as they may spell wrong or are tired to type so voice search can help a lot for e.g. (What are offers of pay tm) and lots of others notice it’s simply quicker and easier to talk into their phones instead of kind their question.  If you have not shifted your keywords to voice search friendly shift it now.  It can help you to raise your ranking as well.

Make website mobile friendly or get back

Mobile-friendly web site style is must for any website designs as there no other choice. Mobile device searches have already passed the search of laptop and personal computer searches worldwide. Web site mobile friendliness, in fact, is currently a Google ranking issue. Giving individuals a good mobile expertise on your web site suggests that creating additional conversions and generating additional revenue.

May ecommerce sites are mobile apps to make shopping easier for customers. If your website is mobile friendly and creative it will help users to come it again that is benefit of mobile. This is must and important Local SEO tip in 2016 and upcoming years.

Direct information Matters and what Good local SEO suggests

First of all what is direct data. It means company must provide more information and that too in detail. It will affect their ranking directly. Google wants more and real information.  How to do this Doing business listing can help you enter the data and show the results when any users search related data to yours.  For example you can anything like if you search bus tickets booking then it must first of all name, number, address, then comes pricing and few other details.

Good local SEO it will totally depend on the customer experience from start to the end. I know you cannot control search customer experience but you must try your best to get give.  According to Gartner the role of marketing in customer experience by 2016 will be - 89% of companies can contend exclusively on customer experience, which is 50% more than as it was 4 year ago. Gartner research also says that by 2017 around 50% of consumer product investments will be redirected to customer experience.


You must identify your weak points and work on them before going into the local SEO campaign. As Google has now become serious on mobile website design and has provide free tool for that.


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