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How to Hire a Web Design Company in 2017

5 helpful tips for hire a web design company in 2017

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by Michelle Hummel
March 15, 2017

Michelle Hummel

I am Michelle Hummel, a passionate internet marketer with an internet marketing degree and 10+ years of successful online marketing experience. I am the owner of WebStrategyPlus.com - Cincinnati based web design, development and digital marketing company. I am specialized in creating a social media content and digital marketing strategy to help you reach your target audience online.

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Since getting the right information you need during this process can be a challenge, we want to cover five helpful tips for hiring a web design company that will help your business improve its online performance in 2017 and beyond:

1. Avoid the DIY Route

As you start your search for a web design company, chances are you will come across at least a few options for DIY website builders. Although these tools may seem appealing in terms of price, the amount of time they would drain from your business to produce a subpar website means you're much better off sticking with a professional.

2. Don't Make Price the Deciding Factor

You probably have at least a ballpark estimate of how much you want to spend on this project. While it is a good idea to get quotes from multiple companies, making your final decision based on who has the lowest bid is almost never a good idea. You definitely get what you pay for with website design, which is why trying to save a little money and ending up with a site that's plagued with problems simply isn't worth it.

3. Go with a CMS

CMS stands for content management system. This term refers to a platform that makes it easy to manage the actual content of your website. The reason you want to work with a web design company that will build around this type of system it will give your team the ability to easily make changes to your existing content or add new content like blog posts without requiring any technical expertise.

4. Think About Your Overall Digital Strategy

You don't want your website to be an island. Instead, you want it to be the central hub for all your online marketing activity. That includes things like SEO and social media marketing. Because these channels can make or break the success of your website, it's a really good idea to work with a web design company that understands how to look at your digital strategy as a whole.

5. Look for Relevant Experience

You don't necessarily need to choose a web design company that has experience working with a business exactly like yours. However, it is helpful to choose a company with relevant experience. Doing so will make it easier to avoid a number of issues and ensure the project stays on the right track.

If you want to work with a company that you can count on to center your web design project around accomplishing specific goals for your business, be sure to take a look at our web design services and then contact us for a free consultation.

Article Source: http://webstrategyplus.blogspot.in/2017/01/how-to-hire-web-design-company-in-2017.html


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