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Father’s Day Social Media Post Ideas Your Fans Will Love

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by Elena Velikova
June 16, 2017

Elena Velikova
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Father’s Day is much more than a day dedicated to daddies. It’s an opportunity to build a vibrant community on social media by creating interesting content that pertains to Father’s day.

Father’s day is celebrated on different dates around the world, but it is most commonly celebrated on the third Sunday of June. Many retailers are trying to woo their fans with promotions to buy stuff for Dads.

Other companies though prefer offering a chance to thank your Dad or express your feelings and love in exchange to win him “stuff” you don’t have to buy. If your target market is women or teenagers, a Father's Day contest may be just the thing you need to do to boost summer sales. The message you will choose should speak directly to your audience and make them feel part of a like-minded community.

There is no right way to go. It all depends on your audience and the goals you want to achieve – increase sales, create brand awareness or just build a community.

This article will give a breakdown of a hypothetical campaign run by a company like yours. You will find engaging visual post ideas that you can easily customize and then publish to your social networks with just a few clicks.  

A simple campaign, but incredibly effective (edit the design) Any man can be a father

The clock is giving an idea of urge, something that if you do not act now, you can miss. So this design is quite effective when it comes to increasing sales (edit the design) Father's day savings - all deals

A very touching image with a message that can't leave you indifferent. Prompt to action (edit the design) Love your dad sale

A campaign with style and elegance. Excellent design for online clothes retailers (edit the design) Father's day promotion for Ecommerce

Contest idea that will increase significantly the engagement of your fans (edit the design) What would your perfect Father's day experience be?

This design can work for different industry. It is simple, yet creative. (edit the design) Fathers day sale - up to 30% off

Super gift for you super dad - simple and effective message (edit the design) Happy Father's day: Super gift for super dad

Do not forget to got your dad an awesome tie and shirt for #FathersDay - very straightforward message that is implying what you need to do (edit the design) Don't forget to get your dad a tie for Father's day

Only the best for the best of men! (edit the design) Father's day: Only the best for the best of men

An engaging campaign aiming to go viral (edit the design) I love my dad Father's day


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