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What You Need to Know About PPC in 2017

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by Charlie Brown
June 16, 2017

Charlie Brown
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What exactly happens when an advertisement will not up online? Moreover, is a question that every digital marketer is considering at the moment. Thankfully, there is a specific explanation for this question. There are quite a few ways in which you can optimize your website to draw more traffic that can lead to better conversions for your business. It is noteworthy that out of all those digital marketing techniques, PPC holds a particular importance for industry experts.

So, what does the term "PPC" refer to?

PPC, also known as Pay Per Click, is the internet marketing model where advertisers have to pay a fee for every time their advertisements are clicked by the users. In simpler terms, it is a paid method of gaining traffic to your site, and it is not organic.

One of the widespread forms of PPC include search engine advertising. Here, businesses have to pay a certain amount to have their company ads placed in the sponsored links of a search engine. When a users searches with a relevant keyword that the business is targeting, the search engine displays the ad on top of the SERPs.

In a more clear sense, PPC is all about having a well-researched and customized as copy, designed with the end consumers in mind. This ad copy must be attractive to customers and grab their attention immediately. When the client clicks on this ad, the business gets charged. Hence the name Pay-per-click!

Who must consider investing in PPT?

According to industry experts, all businesses should contact the client. Whether it is a well-established company with offices in multiple cities or a corner is not that is just starting out, opting for online advertising is a must. Apart from the fact that, today's consumers are always online and mostly come to know about businesses from online sources, there are other reasons why online advertising holds so much importance.

  1. PPC is probably the fastest way to run an ad and get quick results from the ad.
  2. PPC ads are scalable. Everything from costs, views, visits, clicks, profits and much more are scalable.
  3. PPC campaigns are not dependent on search engine optimization or algorithmic changes of Google.
  4. When dealing with PPC, you have the liberty to decide when and where your ads will be displayed on the basis of keywords, location, date, time, website, device, etc. Thus, you can ensure that your target audience is seeing the ad.
  5. You can target industry-specific keywords to make sure that users who will search for those keywords will always find your ads.


What do you need to know about PPC in 2017?

Thousands of savvy marketers always keep an eye on Google's updates to know which marketing strategies will work for them and which ones will not. Moreover, those dealing with PPC management are no exception to this practice. Google, in real form, with new statistics galore, always keeps marketers updated about possible industry trends!  Here are some of the PPC-related points that marketers need to know about in 2017.

Increased Targeting: The Internet of Things is continually expanding and thus, making more options available for targeting ads. As a result, these ads are becoming more relevant to users than they were ever before. While PPC ads cannot be fully customized yet, but these extreme targeting can make them seem personalized. Marketers can create multiple audience profiles based on interests, times of day, location, etc. These targeting options can be used as triggers to deliver ads to the right category of audience. Moreover, very soon it will be possible to incorporate user-intent signals into PPC ads to create highly customized options.

More Shopping Ads: Google Shopping are getting increasingly popular and will soon take up more real estate in SERPs.  A bit different from traditional PPC ads, these are more like the other cards or carousel items you would see in search. The relevant information is available right in the ad. After getting the relevant info, interested users can click the ad to purchase the product/ service directly.

More Search Text Ads: Google Search Text ads are the small ads that appear in the SERPs, much like other results. However, there is a little icon on them that indicate that they are ads. Since these ads look like organic results, users are more likely to notice them and also trust them. It is possible that Google will soon add more options to these ads making them even more useful for reaching out to the target audience. 

Increased Costs: Google and Facebook are running the digital ad industry right now. If you need more exposure for your brand, you will need to go through them. Moreover, these two own many of the additional channels that may be useful for reaching your audience, for example, YouTube, Gmail, App Store, etc. So, the best way to get maximum organic traffic, that Google and Facebook have cracked down is to pay for it. It goes without saying that you will have lots of competition for these ads, which means you will have to pay a lot more. You will need to increase your overall ad budget significantly to meet the cost-per-click.

Ad Partnerships: As mentioned earlier that Google is not the only provider for PPC ads. Facebook has entered the game too. One cannot avoid either one of them and end up compromising on exposure of online ads. So the smart thing to do would be to create brand awareness with Facebook ads and then drive sales with the help of Google ads.

Off-Site Ads: Google has now entered the arenas of personal home devices (Google Home) and virtual reality. Soon, PPC ads will become an option for some of these devices. Thus, it is important to start thinking about customizing PPC ads for these products and services.

From the above discussions, it is evident that marketers will have a lot more options for advertising in 2017 as far as PPC is concerned. Now is the best time to tweak your marketing strategy so that the results can be maximized.  Is PPC strategy along with along with a strong SEO strategy will bring you traffic, as well as the exposure and sales that you need to improve your ROI.


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