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How Important Storyboarding is for Your Explainer Video

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by Dharmendra Ahuja
June 19, 2017

Dharmendra Ahuja

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Whether you are a creating an animated explainer video, corporate business video or simply a demo video, the first thing you need is a concrete planning. And why just in videos? Do we not need planning in our daily activities as well? This is what storyboard sketches do in video creations. Storyboard sketches are nothing but a scene by scene representation of your final video. Storyboard drawings or sketches (as you may like to call) start after the scripting stage is finally approved by the client. So, sketch out your storyboard carefully to make your video production process, a breeze. Keep reading further to know why you need a good storyboard for animation.


Now that you have a detailed plan in your hand, you can decide whether your idea would work. Also, storyboard sketches would help you carve a better way if you think the idea is not good enough to work out. When you have the whole plan sketched out, it would be a lot easier to find out what is lacking or which scene requires reworking. So it would be better to get a concrete knowledge on how to draw storyboards, sketch it out and you are thus good to go!


Although it would cost you a little extra time at the storyboarding stage but trust us you won’t regret it later. That extra time that you spent in animated storyboards, would simplify the rest of the process. You will now have a clear-cut idea of what your video would comprise of. You will no longer waste your precious time during the production process pondering about the scenes in the explainer video. Everything is just planned out and sketched out. Now you have your final video in your mind. All you need to do is start working towards that plan and achieve your goal towards your final video. So are you now ready for a solid storyboard drawing?


When you are working on any project, it’s very important to pay attention on the budget. Carving out a storyboard sketch would give you an idea about which part of the video would require greater part of the budget. This would work in both yours as well as the client’s favors. Prior approval of the budget from your client would help build a healthy relationship between you and them. When the budget is placed in front of the client, he gets an idea about the money he will have to spend on your company. It would also help him make changes accordingly. And this is possible only if you are fully aware in advance about the flow of the video. And this is where storyboard sketches step in!


When everything is set up already, wouldn’t production process become easier? You would save yourself from the hassle of moving to and fro between planning and production. With a scene by scene set up of the video done already, you are half way through your production process. If not half way, then at least you have a well planned storyboard sketch in front of you, to move further. And this way, your entire production process becomes smooth.


You cannot be abstract while explaining your ideas to someone. Same goes while explaining your ideas with your team members. To start your production process, you first need to explain your vision to your animation team. And you may get stuck while explaining something which is not visual. In that case, the storyboard sketch does the work for you! It would explain your team as well as your client, the entire vision of the project, i.e how you want to start, what images/graphics you want to put up, and finally how you want the video to end.

Storyboard sketches, at first might seem like an extra step, yet you cannot afford to avoid it. With time it has also become an integral part of the animation process. So if you haven’t started storyboard in animation or have no idea about how to draw storyboards, you might be missing something. Take a step forward by incorporating storyboard sketches in your production process and watch the graph of your business, go upwards.


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