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Top 7 SEO Mistakes You Need To Avoid

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by Lauren McLaren
July 11, 2017

Lauren McLaren

Lauren McLaren was born and raised in Australia. She is working as a SEO specialist for Digital Muscle, providing Affordable SEO Services in Australia. She’s hardworking, competent and trustworthy. Her role within the company is to design websites. In her spare time, she loves to read, cook and watch movies.

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Apart from the paid campaigns of a website to get traffic, do you know you can leverage most of the relevant traffic from a search engine with no cost at all. That is the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Now see, there are many so-called SEO experts who always be ready to give you tips to improve your website’s rankings. Sometimes these tips work and sometimes they just disappear into the oblivion. Google and other search engine evolve their algorithms. They do tell what you can do to get listed but those tips are obscure in nature that an average person just feels helpless.

Which of these 7 SEO mistakes do you commit?

In this article, I am not going to give you any sort of tip to enhance your SEO ranking but I will give you a list of some mistakes you might be committing which creates blunder in your SEO campaigns. These mistakes can be rectified easily so, I reckon, it’s better than tips to improve the health of your website’s SEO. Let’s get started,


❏   No Optimization for Local Search.

This is the most common mistake I have seen. There was this day I was searching for a cafe in Melbourne. Most of the result I got was from Sydney. I don’t think that’s a nice option for me to travel almost for nine and half hour just for a decent coffee shop. This is the problem when you’re not focusing on localized SEO.

In order to achieve that, you might want to add some regional keywords and make use of your office’s phone number and address in the header or the footer if you have localized crowd.

❏   No Unique Title tag and Meta description.

Most of the small businesses do that, they use their company name as the title for every page of their website. Believe it or not, this is one of the biggest SEO blunders of all time. You want your pages to be shared on social media and yet you’re using your company name all over the title. Think it yourself.

In order to rectify this blunder, I suggest you take a little advice. Use your company name but in a way through which you can address the main niche of your web page. If your company is an SEO service provider, and your company name is XYZ SEO Services, you can use titles like this,

è SEO Services- XYZ SEO Services.

è SEO Packages- XYZ SEO Services.

è SEO Tools- XYZ SEO Services.

In these, you addressed the common queries and also glorify your company name. Also, focus on delivering unique meta descriptions. Do not just mumble it up. Give it time and importance as well.

❏   No use of Anchor text for Internal Links.

This is another stupendous mistake people commit (Meaning No Offense). Now, think it like that, you have an internal link to insert. Just writing an anchor text as Click here, Visit us and etc are really bad for your website’s SEO health. Do not commit such mistake. Or else there is no profit in such links.

In order to resolve, you might want to add some relevant keyword for the Internal Link’s anchor text. Doing so, you’ll enhance your website’s SEO.

❏   Focus on Link Quantity over Link Quality.

You want high volume links. Ok fine. These talks are very harmful to your website’s SEO status. Spammy links, links to adult sites or gambling site can really give your SEO campaign a heck of a headache. Don’t prefer low-quality links. Always go for higher Domain Authority websites.

They are hard to get but they have such an effect which even hundreds of lower quality links can’t produce. So, always go for high-quality links.

❏   Use of same Anchor text for every Link.

This is another very common SEO blunder. After optimizing your Anchor text for SEO, people tend to repeat that anchor text for all the links which are a huge mistake from the SEO point of view.

In order to avoid that, always make your anchor text relevant to the link. If it has the keyword, well and good or else do not try to act smart needlessly. Just make the anchor text sensible with the reference of the link used.

❏   Use Poorly Written Content.

This is usually a budget problem. There are companies which have no enough budget to hire a good content writer. Then they opt for a less of a writer in their organization. A badly skilled writer can harm your website in the ways which you can’t even imagine. Poor grammar, no engaging content, spelling mistakes. These can create a deep pitfall for your website to fall under.

In order to resolve, you need to hire a better writer who at least doesn't commit silly grammatical mistakes. Search engine always prefers error free content which can literally help the readers.

❏   No use of Analytics to observe what converts.

SEO is misinterpreted just as high volume of organic traffic. There is more to that, conversion. What is the relevance of your business website if you cannot convert your viewers into your potential prospects? Analytics help you to understand which elements of your website is highly engaging and which one’s not.

In order to enhance your SEO, you might need this step better than any other step. People often don’t pay attention which cost them a loss in their business. So, start making use of Analytics to observe what is converting and how much.

So, these are the top 7 SEO mistakes. I hope you like my points. Leave a comment if you feel I miss something. Cheers.


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