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How to Build a Great E-mail Marketing Strategy?

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by Jade Parker
July 12, 2017

Jade Parker

Jade Parker is a digital marketer and brand expert working in the marketing field for 5 years. She has built dozens of successful e-mail marketing campaigns for companies from all over the world. She also follows and writes about the newest business trends.

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E-mail marketing was, is, and will be relevant for a long time. This amazing communication channel is beneficial for a business in various ways. Firstly, you can develop and nurture constructive relationships with your clients and customers. Secondly, the e-mail channel is a great place to close sales.

Every successful company, website, or blog has already implemented various e-mail marketing strategies. The reason is simple: “the money is in the list”. Running your business without an e-mail list is a waste of time, money, and energy because you’ll never accomplish a long-term stability only through one-time transactions. What you need is a solid base of loyal followers that you could always count on.

For that, you need to start developing effective e-mail marketing strategies for your business. In today’s post, we’re sharing some powerful tips on how to do that. Pay attention, note down, and most importantly – implement.


1.   Establish Specific Goals

E-mail marketing, just like any other marketing activity, requires concise purposes or goals. You must know what you want to accomplish before even crafting a single e-mail.

Dana Wilson, Marketing Executive at https://www.assignmentmasters.co.uk, suggests:

“First off, make sure that you take enough time to plan your e-mail campaign’s objectives. I call them targets and mini-targets. Our marketing strategies are aligned with the one big target (brand awareness/leads/sales).

The mini-targets are simply small results and small progress that we’re guiding our action towards. Actively work on your mini-targets and your big goal will eventually become closer to reality.”

Quite a good advice, I would say. You can’t start a journey without a destination. So first decide what you want to get. Is it educating people and then selling a product? Or maybe it’s about building solid relationships that you’ll later leverage? Figure it out and plan it in advance.

2.   Fully Understand Your Target Audience

Another important thing you must do before writing your e-mails is to understand who your audience is. How do they look? How do they think? What are their problems? What are their biggest needs? Do your research first, then continue with a brainstorming session.

In order to make this process simple, imagine a “target persona”. Simply put, idealize the perfect customer. Get to know that person. Feel his thoughts. Once you’re confident that you understand what he wants, craft your e-mail marketing campaign according to that single target persona.

3.   Offer a Strong Incentive for Subscribing

People won’t just subscribe because you ask them nicely. They need to be stimulated by something, and you need to be the one who gives them that stimulation. Think of a powerful incentive that your target customer would appreciate.

For example, if you’re in the fitness niche, you can write a 10-pages e-book on “20 mistakes most gym addicts do”. That was just an example of something that would catch a gym lover’s attention. If he wants the report, he’ll subscribe to your list and you’ll send it out to him exclusively.

4.   Segment Your List and Personalize Your Audience’s Experience

Most of the e-mail marketing automation software can help you create a personalized experience for each of your subscribers in case you really want it. Segmenting your list into more categories can help you test several things and maintain a close relationship with your subscriber. Why’s that?

Because personalizing the subscriber’s experience will make him like you and your brand more. He’ll feel satisfied because he observes that you actually care about him.

As an example, if you have a pregnancy website, your subscribers (soon-to-be mothers) will happen to go through different stages (months).

What you need to do is offer a personalized experience for each month. So for mothers that are in Month #1, you start with the beginning. However, for someone who is about to give birth, you need to personalize it in an entirely different way.

5.   Develop a Functional Automated Schedule

E-mail marketing is something that can be easily automated. You write the e-mails, you put them into an autoresponder’s schedule, and you let it roll. What you’ll do is closely examine the results. You must test and see how different campaigns roll. If there’s place for optimizing, you immediately need to take care of that.

So imagine this: once you have fully optimized e-mails that you see that work and they bring in a lot of sales, all you need to do is bring more traffic. It’ll eventually turn into a number’s game, and your e-mail marketing strategy made it all possible.


Long-term business stability depends on many factors. Yet, being able to build solid relationships with real people is one of the key factors that can influence your long-term success. E-mail is now the fastest and most reliable way in which you can personalize the experience of your subscriber, offer him exclusivity and value, and close sales in a matter of minutes.


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