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How to Use Business Profile Pages to Drive Conversions

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by Harry Trott
July 13, 2017

Harry Trott
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DMOZ may be dead, but business listing directories continue to be one of the most common strategies to build links and visibility to your website. But business directories serve a much larger purpose than just an easy source for link building. The business profile pages that you build on such third party directories can help your business drive conversions and also generate trust and authority for your business.

The components of a Business Profile Page (BPP)

Business Profile Pages, or BPP for short, give a visitor everything that they need to know about your business. This includes information relating to what you products or services are, your contact information, as well as any other information that will play a role in driving trust and credibility towards your business.

Logo - A logo gives your business a unique identity in a cluttered market. Do not pick a stock logo that hundreds of other companies use as well. Instead, invest in a logo that succinctly communicates your offering and vision.

Business name and description - The description is the first thing a visitor reads when landing on your business page. Do not focus on SEO here. Instead, use language and formatting that will help a new visitor understand what you do in ten seconds or less.

Photos & Videos - Visuals create more brand awareness than text can ever do. Hire a professional photographer who could capture pictures and videos of your business that can be showcased on these profile pages. While it may be tempting to cut costs here by capturing pictures yourself, you should know that visuals can make or break a business. While professional pictures can drive conversions, badly captured visuals can just as easily drive customers away from your business.

Reviews - Once the visitor knows who you are and what you do, the next question they have on their mind is whether or not to trust you. Reviews from other customers play a major role in influencing this decision. Establish a process that will drive your happy customers to each of these various business profile pages. Building a database of reviews is a long-term process. Customers can see through fake reviews that try to game the system and it is highly recommended that you avoid going that route.

Contact info- At this point, your customers will have already formed an opinion about your business and are ready to give it a try. Showcasing your contact details like phone number, email, Whatsapp and website details help build a sustainable inbound sales pipeline that you could grow your business with.

While BPPs help build a sales pipeline, they may not be enough to convert these leads into paying customers. According to marketing consulting company Valpak, one of the best ways to do this is by publishing offers on your BPP. This helps drive consumer response since it gets more prospects that are on the fence to give the product a try.

Promoting your BPP

A well structured business profile pages helps drive conversions. But that is only possible when more visitors land on these pages. As a marketer, your job is to not only drive people to your website, but also to your BPPs. Invest in building links to these profile pages as well since this helps your best converting BPPs to rank alongside your business website. In addition to driving conversions, this strategy also helps with your business’ reputation management.


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