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How Can You Face Your SEO Challenges And Save Tons Of Money?

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by Adam Marshall
July 14, 2017

Adam Marshall

Adam Marshall is a search engine strategist. He has been with the leading SEO services company for the last eight years. His work in the field of SEM has to lead some small enterprises to online success.

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SEO has been evolving ever since the dawn of search engines and crawling bots. Search engine optimization is not only for websites and company profiles. Even social media profiles like those on LinkedIn and Facebook need optimization. Corporations and their executives can now reach out to a new world of audiences through their social media presence if they can make their presence noticeable enough.

What is “noticeable enough” for the internet?

When we say noticeable enough, we do not mean flashy glow signs and giant air dancers. We say the right signals that draw the attention of leading search engine bots and the search engine users. To make your presence visible on all social networking channels and social media, you need to adopt updated SEO Specialists practices.

What’s the challenge?

Search engine optimization sounds pretty simple. The concept has more aspects that we can list in one post. Some experts think SEO has over 200 on-site and off-site components. We believe that it is pointless to enumerate the factors. Instead, we should go right ahead and start working on them.

Apart from consisting of several factors, SEO keeps evolving. The ever-changing nature elicits fundamental compatibility issues and algorithm conflicts among websites and search engines. This makes the role of SEO firms indispensable in the lifespan of an online enterprise.

More than one feasible solution

The problem arises when smaller companies and startups do not want to outsource SEO. They like to handle their optimization requirements. Without a resident SEO or an external SEO firm, it is challenging to keep a website shipshape for evolving search engines and their bots. If you find yourself relating to this situation, then you should try at least one of the six plugins we are about to mention for your site SEO.

Yoast WordPress SEO

You cannot complete a discussion about SEO without mentioning Yoast. Yoast is the celebrity of all SEO services.

Yoast is easily the most downloaded WordPress plugins of all times. It offers a complete solution for all your website needs. From custom titles, headers, anchor texts, readability checks and managing tags to adding Open Graph meta data, Twitter Cards and Sitemaps, you can stay on top of your search engine optimization game, with just a few clicks.

Yoast makes it possible for you to take care of all SEO needs of your WordPress site.

Google Keyword Planner

Who has ever heard of an SEO plan that does not work including Google Keyword Planner? It has all the insights you will ever need to ready your site for search engine bots and human users.

If you have a Google My Business account, you can enjoy the benefits of the Keyword Planner for free. You can check the high volume keywords, their current performances and you can place the bids on the keywords too. It exists for the sole purpose of showing the advertisers an estimate of their search performance, traffic volume, and CPC costs.

This is ubiquitous to any content marketer and SEO’s tool suite. The GKP is one of the easiest tools for search engine marketing and search engine optimization that you can opt for.


SEMRush is in the same league as Yoast and Google Keyword Planner. Both pros and amateurs love this tool. It is a complete solution for your SEO needs.

Learn about your target keywords, their organic possibilities, and the cost of bidding on different versions of the keywords. You can also look comprehensively at your competitor advertising strategies.

Since it is a paid subscription, mostly SEO pros like to use it. It has quite a few added features that Yoast does not provide in its basic version. It is more of a competitive intelligence tool suite rather than an SEO tool that optimizes your online presence for crawlers. It is more in line with Google’s new algorithm updates and user-oriented outlook.

Open Site Explorer from Moz

This open source tool allows you to check data for multiple domain names. Be it a new domain you want to acquire, your website or a competitor site; the Open Site Explorer from the house of the SEO Kings offers the final solution.

You can check for top pages, linked pages, linking domains, inbound links and more using this tool. It is free for users. However, it comes with daily search caps per user.

You need a Moz Pro Subscription to unlock the full potential of your Open Site Explorer tool. This extends the daily search limits and opens new features that will help you find out about new keyword categories, bidding options, traffic qualities and domain options.


This is an official WP plugin. The LinkPatrol helps users take complete control of their websites. You can monitor outbound links, inbound links, internal links, 404s and 301s using this new and modified WordPress plugin.

You can use this to complete the user-friendly Yoast. LinkPatrol is less resource intensive. You can easily use it in combination with other plugins like Yoast and All in One SEO pack to optimize your SEM game.

Clean up your spammy links, fix the broken ones and eliminate the useless ones without taking more than a couple of minutes. This one comes with numerous online tutorials just like Yoast.


This is quite an interesting take on conventional SEO tools. You can get SEOquake as an extension for Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera. It can provide all SEO related information for any website.

You can get to know about page ranks, Alexa rank, age and last updated status with just one click. The toolbar will display a collection of selected parameters for each search result.

It is quite light and does not slow down your searches. This is ideal for conducting competitor analysis. You can get the results in CSV format and create your own chronological Excel Spreadsheets for your search data.

Websites are your online shops, and they need their own “glow signs” too. These glow signs are nothing but welcome signals in the form of website optimization for the leading search engines. Always take into account, which search engines your target customers mostly use. If they use Bing, go for tool suites recommended for Bing. If the use Google, optimize your site for Google and the rest will fall into place.


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