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Techniques that Will Give You High Quality Social Media Content without a Lot of Effort

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by Alicia Honeycutt
August 08, 2017

Alicia Honeycutt
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Raise your hand if you believe that social media marketing is one of the most effective advertising approaches. If you’re attempting to increase the popularity of a website or a business, you’re certainly familiar with the fact.


Doing social media marketing, however, isn’t the easiest task out there. Producing quality content is a tedious, time consuming process. Or is it? Is there anything you can do to increase the amount of content you create while reducing the effort? There can be a couple of approaches that will potentially deliver spectacular results.


Come up with Social Media Content While You’re doing Something Else

Content curation is a big part of having a sound and effective social media strategy. It diversifies content from your own website, giving your audience a lot more information about the topic of interest.


You can easily engage in content curation on the go. While doing other work and looking for information online, you can bookmark the websites and articles that are a good match to your social media presence.


A survey suggests that finding suitable content is the most time-consuming task that social media professionals struggle with. If you manage to reduce the amount of time you dedicate to the execution of the task, chances are that your efforts will become much more effective.


Using a tool like Evernote or Scoop.it will simplify the process even further. There, you can save and organize all of the information that you’ve come across. Once you accomplish the goal, it will be much easier to produce the perfect social media content plan.


Work on Getting User-Generated Content

How about increasing content volume without doing anything? While this isn’t entirely possible, you can reduce the workload significantly by relying on your audience for the purpose of social media content generation.


User-generated content is fresh and unique. It offers a different perspective and it is perceived as highly trustworthy. A recent 2017 report suggests that 47 percent of millennials trust user-generated content while only 36 percent trust in content created by companies themselves. Of all people questioned, 76 percent responded that they find user-generated content to be more honest than branded content.


The benefits are easy to understand but what does it take to engage your audience and stimulate its active involvement?


A competition or a giveaway is one of the simplest possibilities for boosting the amount of user-generated content that you get. The same applies to starting your own motivational hashtag that inspires people to share their stories with the world.


As you can see, some effort on your behalf will still be required. If you manage to provide the right stimuli, however, you’ll be awarded with social media content that you’ll never be capable of producing on your own.


Get Professional Assistance

Sometimes, it will make a lot more sense to get professional assistance for the tasks that you’re not an expert in.


Many small business owners and startup entrepreneurs are reluctant when it comes to paying for social media marketing. They worry that such services are too expensive to correspond to a tiny budget.


This isn’t necessarily the case. A social media content strategy can be curated to the specific needs of the business. It can be extensive or minimal, allowing for the establishment of a community that will eventually take off on its own.


Think of it this way – paying somebody else to create and publish content for you will free up a lot of time that you can dedicate to other activities. If you focus on the business tasks that you’re an expert in, you’ll maximize productivity and eventually get to generate more revenue. The decision to outsource content creation makes a lot of financial sense in the long run.


Repurpose Content

It is very difficult to come up with original ideas time and time again, especially if you have to maintain multiple social media profiles. There’s one simple trick you can rely on for the purpose of generating fresh content effortlessly. The trick focuses on repurposing old content.


What does it mean to repurpose content?


You can accomplish the goal in several ways. For a start, you can generate images or infographics on the basis of articles that have done well in the past (use analytical tools to figure out how engagement levels vary from one post to the other). You can also create a poll or a questionnaire on the basis of an article that has caused people to ask many questions or share their opinions.


Content repurposing doesn’t end there. You can pull quotes out from a long text and turn those into stand-alone social media posts. Alternatively, you can use those for the creation of list-type articles. These are very easy to go through and people love them. Other ways to repurpose social media content include Facebook image posts based on quotes taken out of articles, step-by-step guide notes, turning a study into a Twitter image diagram and creating a follow-up to a post that her performed really well in the past.


Get creative with your social media content and remember that you can find inspiration from many sources. Very often, seeing what the competition is doing will give you ideas that will result in completely original, effortless content. Don’t be afraid to experiment and ask for the audience’s feedback. Getting people to be a part of the process will deepen the sense of community and it will also simplify the task of presenting something new and exciting on a regular basis.


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