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The Only Back-to-School Social Media Resources You Will Ever Need

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by Elena Velikova
August 18, 2017

Elena Velikova
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It is that time of the year that parents are starting their back-to-school shopping ritual. As the nation’s second-largest spending holiday, the back-to-school season offers incredible opportunity for retailers. It’s estimated that last year produced $75.8 billion in sales, and that number is expected to increase in 2017. Apparently, parents are spending big bucks, and that means the retailers that cater to this market can take advantage of the spending boom too.

For you, gutsy entrepreneurs who would like to keep your brand top-of-mind when parents and students start to get ready for the first day of school, we have prepared 25 creative back-to-school social media marketing campaigns. You can use any of the professionally designed social media templates below and edit them according to your social media strategy and promotions. You do not need to have any design skills. It will take you less than a few minutes to get it all done. Sign up today for free.

You know that influence is all that matters in this world-of-month world. And influence doesn’t just flow from parent to child. Parents influence other parents, kids influence their parents, and you, as a business, can influence all of these groups with the right strategy for your social media marketing.

So, without further ado, let’s kick-start your social media marketing with our ready-to-use social media posts, ads and promotional ideas for the back-to-school season:

Actions to Take Now:

1. Target moms

Armed with checklists from teachers and schools, parents and back-to-school shoppers turn to social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to research potential purchases, evaluate customer reviews, and find recommendations, promotions and coupons.

Moms respond well to deals and offers on products, so make sure you have an enticing offer pinned to the top of your pages.

Back-to-school design templates – 60% off (edit the design)

Back to School design template for retailers

School supplies sale (edit the design)

School Supplies Sale

Last minute back-to-school deals (edit the design)

Last minute back to school deals

Start back-to-school preps easrly (edit the design)

Start back to school prep early

Look awesome this school year (edit the design)

Back to school look awesome

Shop now back-to-school essentials (edit the design)

Back to school shop with pleasure

Back-to-school huge sale (edit the design)

Back-to-school big discount sale

2. Offer incentives

Offer incentives, like coupons and promotions, to fans who participate in your visual marketing campaigns. When people know they’ll be rewarded for their efforts, they’ll be more excited to actively participate!

Buy back-to-school supplies and win a prize (edit the design)

Back to school share offer contest

Share the back-to-school offer and win a prize (edit the design)

Back to school share and win offer

3. Don’t forget to target students too!

And while parents have the ultimate say on most purchases (or at least think they do), teens and students play important part in decision making. So it pays to gain their attention too. They also use social platforms to make decisions, but in slightly different ways. Students in this age group are heavy users of Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, so think about creating beautiful and engaging content for these social networks as well.

They respond well to contests and other type of engaging content:

Post a pic social media contest (edit the design)

Back to school contest Tell the world why you love us

For more back-to-school social media contest ideas, check our post 4 Fantastic Back-To-School Social Media Contest Ideas You Can Run Today

4. Content is the king (it is not dead, on the contrary well executed it is more powerful than ever). Develop valuable content on topics such as back-to-school tips, fall fashion trends, school lunch ideas, or college tech buying guides to attract and assist these busy consumers.

And do not forget to include Pinterest, as an invaluable social media means to reach potential buyers. Research conducted by the social media platform Crowdtap found that 27% of Pinterest users surveyed planned to use the platform to help organize and plan their back-to-school shopping lists.

Retailer’s guide to back to school shopping (edit the design)

Retailer's guide to back-to-school shopping

Must-have back to school gadgets (edit the design)

20 back to school college gifts

Are you ready for school? (edit the design)

Back to school: are your ready?

How to prepare for back to school (edit the design)

How to prepare for back to school season

These design templates can be found in the perfect size for Pinterest in our DesignPro tool.


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