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5 Ways to Improve & Bring Visitors Back to Your Website

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by Manchun Kumar Pandit
October 06, 2017

Manchun Kumar Pandit

Manchun Pandit works with JanBask Digital Design as a Digital Marketing Consultant, and has more than 7 years experience in digital Marketing, SEO, SMO, and Brand Promotion. To know more about him, Web Design Florida & Web Design Los Angeles

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You might know some of your tough competitors but there are many invisible businesses which are dragging your customers to their page. It is not enough to just design a website with all the SEO related marketing tools and Adwords, what matters the most is “customer engagement”. 

In this post, we will discuss and guide you the best 5 methods to glue your customers to your website so that they keep returning to you for products or services. 

Mobile Optimization is the Prime Task 

What!! A user can not open your website on his mobile phone. If your answer is yes then you are a sinner because nowadays everybody has mobile phones with internet and Google and people prefer to get all the information related to their day to day life at fingertips. 

TJMaxx has a highly responsive design rather Lingscar has a poor website design.If you are selling your products or services online i.e; E-commerce then this is the prerequisite for online marketing that your website is also accessible via a mobile phone. This strategic change will definitely boost your business and if your product and services are of top-notch quality than a first- time visitor has to come again.

Fast Loading Speed of Website 

Make sure to check the speed of your homepage first, all the linking pages should also get opened in few seconds. If your page takes some extra time to get loaded, it is going to affect your business because there are many other competitors available on the web. 

As we have already discussed the importance of mobile responsive web design then the faster your web page opens the better conversion rate would be. It is very frustrating for a customer to wait for a page to be opened if he needs something urgently. After searching and browsing your page, he takes the second step to open some different page. Invest in fast speed user experience method to drag audience to your site. 

Work on Customer engaging Content 

Content is an essential part of customer engagement process. You need to have a content strategist who can showcase a buyer’s persona in the content while describing your product, services, deals, and offers. When preparing the blueprint for the website, make sure to give a catchy and transparent header. The content should follow the sales funnel model. 

The upper part of the web page has many informative headings, offers, deals and every product should have clear images with price in details. Products and services should have reviews and testimonials to build trust factor among customers which makes them return every time when they need to buy something similar to your product. The middle part of the page should have all the details of your product or services with benefits and testimonials. The lower part must have the contact information and subscription details. 

JanBask has perfectly formulated the “Sales Funnel” in their design. Each and every element is beautifully crafted up to the mark. 

Easy Navigation & Call- to- Action 

What exactly a visitor look for in a website? The answer is with you, they need information about the searched product and service. So, they need to be guided with minute details and easy steps. The CTA should not be confusing and deceptive in nature. Nowadays some companies forcefully want the consumers to give their credit card details in the name of “Subscribe for free”. Stop doing this, this is an ethically wrong and the visitor will never come back to your site again.

We can see in this example that, the audience has the option to enter the details for a free demo either he is free to leave. Let the visitors browse your website and let other elements of your landing page do the magic so that they naturally fill their information and subscribe. 

Communicate users through e-mails 

This is a conventional way of communication when you interact with your consumer via emails. By using this mode, you are not forcing them to subscribe you or you are making trash calls and wasting the time of your Sales team. Learn to write crisp and up to point emails with a powerful subject line so that the recipient is forced to open the email and read your offers and other details. Keeping these points in mind will definitely drag the visitors to come to you again and again.


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