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A Beginner’s Guide to Succeeding in Conversion Rate Optimization

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by Charlie Brown
November 10, 2017

Charlie Brown
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The objective of business on maintaining a website, social media page, or landing page is not just to get some traffic, but ultimately convert it to a stable revenue generation source. In other terms, the ultimate goal of any internet marketing activity is conversion rate optimization or CRO.

If you think you don't enjoy a fair conversation rate even on maintain a good website and considerable internet marketing efforts, then you want to start in the CRO way by revamping your website and other online activities. Change may be a bit difficult, but you should have the will to explore this unseen cranny to get back the best.

And if you want to improve the conversion rate of your website, you should have the heart to explore new territories by taking calculated risks. Learn the best practices regarding conversion rate optimization and implement it.

These tactics already work for the majority of the business website owners; however, every website has its own unique set of visitors and nuances. If you do CRO well by understanding your exact requirements, then sometimes the results may turn out to be surprisingly unpredictable. Let's explore the best tips for CRO as below.

Organic conversion rate optimization best practices

Given below are four organic CRO best practices suggested by the internet marketing experts from various industries who have succeeded in generating more leads, sales, and revenue through the sites they manage.

  1. Customize CTA (call to action) button with contrasting colors or special effect

Many case studies are testifying the fact that call to action buttons in red converts better than the green color. In any case, it is true that your call to action button should be made instantly noticeable to generate results. It is not mandatory to make it in red always, but there are many innovative ways to create CTA button, which you can explore online.

The basic rule while designing pages with CTA is that the color of it should pop up well in contrast to the color of the page background. As an additional tip, you can use the color which is not used anywhere else on the page as CTA color to make it stand apart. However, it is not the button alone does the magic, but you need to carefully plan the content around the CTA button to make the users feel it is relevant to click on it.

  1. Stop using the stock photos

Stock photos may surely have excellent quality, but it is not ideal to always use it on your websites. The new trend and more credible approach to using images on web pages are to use original photographs. The purpose of your site is not just to look pretty, but it also should the feel of personalization and actuality to the users to be on it.

A recent case study by LeadPages complete guide has shown that one business entity changed the cheesy stock photos at their home page with original photos of their store, customers, and founder. Over time, it had helped them increase in sign-ups by about 35%.

It is a known fact that consumers want to deal with real humans, not the websites. So, having real people on your site may give them a more friendly feel. The stock photos of the models do not provide them with that feeling of familiarity and personalization. So, it is ideal to put pictures of your employee, office premises, etc. to score more. However, always make sure that you put in good quality digital photos to give it a professional touch.

  1. Better to get rid of the automated image sliders

It was trendy once to give your website a fresh live look. Automated sliders may still feel cool on your homepage, but the majority of the CRO experts underline the fact that sliders tend to reduce conversions and it is better to remove those from your web pages.

It is found that the automated carousels don't let the website reader explore the page at their own pace. This is a condition called banner blindness, which ultimate take them away from actually getting what they want. If you have a lot of them, then it is better to replace these with more static and profitable content. You can read more about ways to replace the image carousels with effective alternatives and try it.

  1. Cut short the form fields

Long, complicated forms asking for every minute details which users may themselves want to refer somewhere may instantly turn them off. So, try to eliminate all those unnecessary fields from your webs page forms. With this, you may be making your work easy at the cost of giving a lot of trouble to users, which will not help CRO.

Once if your form is ready, ask yourself again and again whether you should need all those fields as the company name, zip code, DOB, credit card details, password reconfirmation and all those troublesome fields mandatory. Think and reduce the fields to minimum essential to encourage the users to take action. A typical case study on this had shown that when a company cut down their form fields from 11 to 5, the lead generation rate was increased by about 150%.

Landing page

CRO becomes more critical when you are managing your paid promotions as you need to ensure proper ROI. The goal of PPC and other paid campaigns is to generate the highest possible traffic and covert them with the desired action. Landing page plays vital regarding conversions, so it is essential to know what makes a right landing page. An ideal one should have:

-  A mesmerizing headline – make it as striking as possible with relevance to your PPC keyword.

-  Make it concise and targeted – Landing page is not a place to share a lot of content for the users to read, but to speak precisely about what you offer and hurry them up to act.

-  Eye catchy CTA – As discussed in case of generic CRO, it is important to have eye catch call to action button and text.

One thing not to forget when you are fiddling around the buttons, forms, content and landing pages is that the actual requirement for CRO is to attract the right target visitors to your website at the first point. So, whatever strategies you plan should be customer-centric to be successful.


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