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10 Surefire Tips to Increase Brand Visibility on Social Media

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by Jessica T. Winder
November 14, 2017

Jessica T. Winder
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Creating a great website with a solid SEO and content strategy can help establish online presence for your brand. However, with the exponential growth experienced by social media networks nowadays, it’s also equally important to implement a solid social media marketing strategy.

Since social media is so important for brand growth and exposure, you have to make sure you use it properly to help your business. The question is: how can you increase the visibility of your brand on social media?

There are simple ways to increase brand visibility on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Here are 10 surefire tips you can follow:

1. Choose the channel where most of your customers are

Most small businesses assume that they should be on every social media platform available. Although this is one of the many social media marketing tactics used by marketers, selecting the most relevant channels – the ones where most of your customers hang out – can help you save a lot of time and effort.

You might be tempted to go for the platform with the most number of users. It does sound attractive; however, you need to focus on quality instead of quantity. The key here is to understand your target audience and their location. Know where they usually hang out online, choose 1 or 2 of those platforms, then focus your social media marketing efforts on those platforms. Trying to focus on too many channels is often time-consuming, not to mention it will cost you a lot of resources.

2. Engagement is key

A high number of followers isn’t enough to measure a successful social media marketing campaign. In order to ensure a solid exposure and brand visibility, you need active engagement with your audience. You might have heard this over and over again, but actively engaging with your audience can give them a guarantee that there’s a real person behind your brand. You can start by talking to them, responding to their questions, or addressing their complaints.

Doing so will not only retain your customers, it will also help attract new ones. Motivated and engaged customers have a higher tendency to become loyal followers. Furthermore, they might even serve as your future brand advocates.

3. Publish relevant content

Publishing content your audience can relate to on your social media channels is an excellent means of establishing your brand as an influencer or industry leader. This ultimately leads to enhanced exposure and visibility. However, you have to make sure your content is not only relatable but engaging as well.

4. Express  your gratitude

Other than just responding to the comments and concerns of your followers, you can improve brand visibility by expressing your gratitude. If they share an interesting story, respond by thanking them. They’re doing your brand a favor with a good feedback, so it’s best to let them know you appreciate their effort in return.

5. Use Hashtags

Particularly when using Twitter, you can include hashtags to categorize your post with an easily searchable keyword. With a hashtag, your post becomes more visible to users, especially those who used the same hashtags in their posts.

However, hashtags aren’t limited to Twitter. You can also use them on various social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

6. Connect with influencers

Luckily, the presence of influencers has made the task of connecting with a particular audience a lot easier. By collaborating with an influencer, you can tap into an active audience who’s willing to follow your brand with just a single post.

However, getting an influencer’s attention is not easy. Which is why if you want to get on their radar, you need to offer a good deal in exchange for their endorsement.

7. Become an influencer

If you can’t get in touch with an influencer, you can decide to become one yourself. As an influencer on your niche, you can build more trust and loyalty among your audience. People will regard you as a reliable figure or brand, and they’re more likely to engage with you.

However, becoming an influencer is a long-term investment. It often begins with small things like solving others’ problems, sharing concrete and reliable knowledge, and more.

8. Monitor your progress

One way to prove that your brand is getting traction is by monitoring your social media marketing progress. There are plenty of platforms that provide statistics, such as Facebook Page Insights which show you the number and likes your content gets, along with several other metrics.

By using Insights and analytics, you can monitor your social media marketing efforts and ensure that your strategy is optimized as it evolves. Looking at various metrics like inbound links, mentions, and reach will allow you to adjust your strategy whenever necessary.

9. Invest in paid advertising

Investing a few dollars in paid advertising is actually an excellent way to boost your campaign. Moreover, it allows you to promote your brand to a highly targeted audience, which, in turn, means higher chances of conversion and engagement. Although there are cost implications for this method, the fact that you can target a specific audience means it’s a well-spent investment for your social media marketing campaign. 

Specific targeting allows you to convey your brand message directly in front of your audience with the highest potential of converting them into sales.

10. Take advantage of visuals

Social media is mostly used by individuals for entertainment. A huge portion of them wants to see funny and interesting videos or images. So, why not give it to them? When it comes to posting or sharing content, don’t forget to include visuals.

Capturing the attention of your followers is a lot easier if you attach quality and engaging images or videos to your updates, regardless of which platform you’re using. If you notice that one particular type of post gets more attention as compared to others, then you might want to consider making that type of post more often.

You can use DesignPro - free image editor tool and their more than 1500 templates to create all you visual content.

The Bottom Line

Building and increasing brand visibility will take a lot of effort. Moreover, achieving noticeable results won’t take overnight. To get your brand noticed across a sea of competition, try implementing the said tips on your social media marketing efforts. You’ll be surprised to find how much progress you make.


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