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The Ultimate Guide to Using Social Media as Part of Your Overall Digital Marketing Strategy

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by Charlie Brown
March 06, 2018

Charlie Brown
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The social media platform is an extended arm of SEO, and every small and medium business owner with interest in the local audience should extensively make use of it.  The social media campaign when devised correctly can nicely complement your SEO initiatives.  For driving people to your shop in the locality, you need to make your business entity visible brightly on the social media that has now become a part of our lives. However, knowing about the importance of using the social media for business is one thing and to use the platform meaningfully is something completely different. You must not just make sporadic efforts of showing up your business on Facebook or Twitter that appears to be too casual because it would simply not work and frustrate you. Instead, you should know how to take a methodical approach to using the social media for business.

According to the experts at Tip Top SEO, in most cases, the early efforts of showcasing the business on the social media happens in an unorganized manner, by devoting some extra time for it whenever possible. This casual approach does not help, and the experience could soon become quite unpleasant. The right way of doing it with the purpose of grabbing eyeballs and garnering more traffic is to allocate actual business time for it. You must take an organized approach to figuring out first which social media channels to use and what would be the proper way of doing it.

Be where the audience is

 Often, business owners get confused about choosing the social media channels, as they are not sure about which to use. An easy solution is to know the preferences of the target audience and selects the special media channels accordingly. Since your objective is to stay connected to the target audience, host your business on the channels that the audience dominates.  Carry out an exercise to ascertain the social media channels frequented by the audience, and you would get proper direction. This is a more definite way of doing it.

Another way could be that you pick a few social media channels at random, host your business on it and monitor the response to understand which ones would be most suited. This method would take some time before you can evaluate the results to understand which channels are giving the best response so that you can stick to those only. Having gone through it, you must understand the factors that influence social media to make it small business oriented.

Have patience for results

Although it is of utmost importance to choose the right social media platform and channels for your business, it is equally important to understand how you should drive it so that you can make it work for you.  Firstly, you have to set realistic expectations about what you can get from the social media. Nothing will happen overnight as soon as you create the profile. Do not expect that people would make a beeline as soon as they see your social media profile. You should have the patience to give time to the audience that gradually takes note of your presence and starts getting closer. While creating the profile takes minimum time, the real test is how you keep your expectations grounded and bear with the audience.

Content must be relevant

The content used on the social media is critical to the success of the campaign. Whether it is blogs or articles, promotions or messages, you have to ensure that it is completely relevant for the audience. Besides being relevant that generates interest among the audience to consume it, the content must have a good value that the audience appreciates.  Avoid the lure of creating content just for the sake of it. Irresponsible behavior in choosing content can have negative effects on the campaign, as it would impact your credibility as a reliable and authentic business entity. If you find it difficult to publish relevant, unique and good content, it is better to stay away rather than publishing crap.

Have the will and determination

Perseverance pays when you set up the social media campaign for your business. You need to have the determination of continuing the work without many expectations and keep on publishing with the purpose of creating closer engagement with the audience. Although it is not possible to predict how much time it would take for the results to show up, you have to take up the cause and stay doggedly attached to it.  If you have failed with one channel, you could do much well with some other ones. Keep trying and improving without giving up.

All the while, keep measuring your social media efforts by using analytics tools. How much you can penetrate into the minds of the audience would become clear by tracking followers that shows the extent of your reach.


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