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Steps To Take For Improving Your SMS Marketing Campaign

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by Charlie Brown
June 08, 2018

Charlie Brown
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Mobile phones and other mobile devices users must be the top target of marketers to reach out to the largest section of consumers, both existing and perspective.  Mobile devices are now central to any marketing strategy as you cannot ignore it. Consumers have become so much reliant on cell phones for all their needs. They are more at ease by holding it in their hands rather than placing it on the ears. The days of talking it out seem to be on the wane as consumers are happier to communicate through text messages. Just as they want to text others, they would also like to receive text messages whether for personal reasons or business. The trend is evident in the rise of many messaging services that like Whatsapp and Snapchat that have become highly popular.

Despite the advent of new messaging services, the appeal of SMS messaging for marketing needs is still unbeatable.  The texting software for business is on a high as the two-decade-old SMS messaging has found fresh favors with marketers who want to reap its benefits for business improvement. The SMS messaging is unfailing in its appeal because of the short, simple and crisp messages that customers are ready to accept with open arms.  Moreover, you need not depend on the internet for sending messages.

 All this translates into high message read rate that touches almost 98% and capable of evoking a response within 3 minutes. SMS messaging is a marvelous tool provided you know how to use it optimally without making customers feel uncomfortable.  Trying to go overboard with the messaging service can turn counterproductive. Very soon, two out of three persons would own a smartphone across the world and marketers must take its advantage. Marketers have to shoulder enough responsibility to carry on with SMS marketing. Abiding by the regulations that govern SMS marketing is critical, or else you might find yourself in trouble. Exercise necessary caution to protect the privacy of customers' mobile numbers because any breach of trust can have adverse effects on business. Go through the tips mentioned below and use it prudently as it has the powers of improving your SMS marketing campaign.

Obtain the consent of mobile users

When you are preparing a list of target customers whom you would like to send marketing text, keep in mind that you must obtain their consent for doing it. You must make them agree to engage in communication with you so that they welcome your messages. An easy way of doing it is to help them to opt-in for receiving your SMS messages by signing up, so that become subscribers. Make them feel special by offering some incentive so that they find reasons for signing up. Make the offer exclusive for consumer groups by making it available only to those who sign up for SMS marketing. It would make them feel privileged and motivate them to stay in touch with you.

Create a relevant message with some value

That customers have allowed you to communicate with them does not mean that you can keep messaging anything as it might annoy them.  Never send any unwanted message to subscribers as it could result in trespassing into their privacy.  Since you intend to make business happen, you have to please customers by knowing their expectations. Create messages according to customers so that it has the marks of personalization besides keeping it relevant. The message should generate a special feeling among customers as if it is just what they were waiting for.  The message must convey some value besides being meaningful and unique as the customers should not find the information available at any other place.

Motivate customers to take quick action

On the surface, it might appear that SMS texting does not directly relate to marketing but the underlying intention should be to encourage customers to take some quick action that helps to achieve the marketing goals. By creating a sense of urgency, you can make customer act fast. Just include an expiration date in the message that could awaken customers and make them hurry to perform some action as requested in the message.  The expiration date rings the alarm bell that customers would unfailingly take note and act accordingly.

Personalized texts

Although SMS is more personal as compared to emails, you have to ensure that you create personalized messages for subscribers.  You should know the minds of customers and their preferences so that you communicate with them in the way that they like most. Personalized messages take you closer to customers and reinforce the relationship which enhances the trust on the brand and business.  Not only will such messages attract customers more but they would also feel like taking some positive action after reading the message. Using the customer name in messages would make it more personalized and provide higher dividends.  Obtain feedback to know what customers would like and frame messages in the way that pleases them.

Create a messaging identity

Just like your brand, create a messaging identity that makes it easy for customers to recognize your business in the arena of SMS marketing. The recognition would help in better acceptance of messages as customers would not confuse it with other sources. Use a short code of 5 to 6 digits to create the identity that becomes your very own. In the process, the brand becomes easily identifiable, and customers find it easy to remember. The identity is also a sign of your maintaining transparency with customers that increases trustworthiness which also shows your commitment to serve customers better. Giving legitimacy to communications is another benefit of creating an identity of your own.

Knowing how the SMS marketing campaign is performing is essential to figure out the expected returns. The read rate indicates the performance level, and you must know the bounce rate too, which can occur for some customers who no longer use the listed mobile number.  You can connect with them by using other means.


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