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Friendly with SEO, Flipbook is Helping Businesses POP to the TOP

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by Tech Social
June 13, 2018

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How do you you get clients? Get seen, fast, and obviously more than your competitors. It has been that way since the first lemonade stand, and we all know it. Out are the big posterboards, billboards, and even mail out brochures. It is the digital age. For that, we created the traditional HTML website and old school PDF attachments which are both still out there, and have their purpose. With clear text, pictures, and easy to follow links, what else is there? The easy answer is that businesses all over are getting newer, edgier ways to advertise and grab their clients attention, and it is out there. With a simple software conversion, even using (sometimes even FREE!) software and places like this article about flipping book, you can build a creative flipbook that will get you noticed, and appreciated. SEO is probably the single most important thing for your online website to get that attention, and believe it or not, these books are SEO compatible.

Why is SEO so important?

Actually, it goes right back to advertising and marketing basics. SEO  stands for “search engine optimization”, and that optimizes (give the best possible chance)  the client finds what they want in a product. It can work for you, or against you, depending on placement of materials in your flipbook. Say a person hits the web looking for a new pair of running shoes. They have an idea of what they are looking for in that PERFECT shoe, so they type it in their search bar…“women’s aerodynamic running shoe”. What pops up depends on their prior shopping and searching history, but also on your flipbook content.  If your flipbook is set to sell a new brand of shoe, it should have “shoe” in there somewhere, but does it have what is needed for the SEO to pick up on that search? You need to pay attention to the information you are putting in, and where. Things like company logos, popular keywords, and links to reputable/popular websites such as social media need to be arranged strategically throughout to pop up on SEO before the competitor.

There are Tips and Tricks To Help You Out

Luckily, there are plenty of previous users out there to lend you a hand and even offer advice. Try hitting up the Flipboard site  articles and forums for tips to make you are taking advantage of all your flipbook program has to offer. Before you decide on a program, be sure to check the settings and reviews to see who offers the most customization, and ease of use, and don’t be afraid to look for help. Most programs offer great opportunities to add extra links and even custom buttons. Adding several social media platforms to your book will allow for sharing, but also raise your chance of moving up the list. Here are some suggestions I have seen out there to get you started.

  • Do not overload your book with small time website links. Keep the big ones like Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Ect a priority, and searches will do the same for you.
  • Keep it simple, and stay focused on your main purpose, no fillers, even for looks.
  • Be direct, logical, and use proper English. Short, simple key phrases are better than wordy ones you may think will impress the customer.

Got you covered.

You want to be first, or at least on that first page, because who really wants to hit “next”? Statistically? Not many people anymore, because they expect quality to rise to the front of the line every time. That is what both SEO and the smooth look and feel of a flipbook are so important. Using the tips and knowledge, your company should have their own beautiful and interactive book up and running in no time. With the look of a page-turning digital magazine designed by a team of coders, your flipbook will be easy to make, and still picked up by SEO, getting you to the top.


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