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Free Web Traffic Tips - 5 Steps To Get Free Traffic From Google

The Fastest Way To Generate Free Traffic To Your Website For Free Starting in 15 Minutes.

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by Michael Chimik
April 20, 2011

Michael Chimik

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The major reason why a lot of internet marketers do not make money online is because they lack quality traffic. Website traffic is the only way that guarantees you get positive results in your internet endeavors. If you want instant traffic, you may outright buy it. But if you are tight on budget, there are free ways to rank on Google top 10 easily. Once you are there, free targeted traffic is sure.

(1). Proper Domain Name
When choosing your domain name, it's important you go for one with your primary keyword on it. Although a lot of domain names today are meaningless and lack keyword and still ranking effectively. Having said that, you have to know that the age of the domain name is what is sustaining it as well as the numerous quality linking. As a small business owner, when registering a domain name, make sure your keyword appears – this would help your search engine ranking tremendously.

(2). Choose Your Keywords Properly
If you want to rank your website or blog on Google, then you must choose your keywords wisely. When writing the content for your website, make sure they keywords you select are present in the content. If you do not put them, it would seem as a spam content when Google crawler discovers such keywords on the Meta Tags section but absent on the content itself. Start writing your content with the key terms and end with it. Watch your keyword density and make sure your keywords only appear 3 – 4 times within the body of the article.

(3). Write Quality Content
Google is in love with quality and original content. There is a lot of duplicate contents out there and that is a major concern if you must rank on Google Top 10. If you have a few dollars, outsource your content to freelance writers. This could give you the chance to focus on researching more profitable niches to make more money. Quality content is one that is grammatically correct, the punctuations are well placed and keywords are not stuffed. Obey the 2% - 3% keyword density in order not to raise a red flag from Google.

(4). Build Backlinks From Top Sites
The best way to start getting fast traffic and high ranking is when you build back links from tops sites. There are so many sites with a high PR 5 and above. Some of the social bookmarking sites have PR 7 and they are perfect for building quality linking system. The number of links you have going out of your site will determine how high you rank on search engines. While linking to external sites, make it an anchor link that utilizes your primary keyword you are targeting to link back to your site. Anchor links works better than just placing your website link.

(5). Build More External Links
It's now time to build more backlinks to your website. Search for top web 2.0 sites like blogger and wetpaint and submit your content. Within the content, link back to your website or blog using an anchor link like in the above. What you should stick with is building more external links from domain rich blogs like the ones you create at blogger and tripod. If you want to drive more traffic to your website for free, click here to start.



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