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December 27, 1999

Meta Tags

To be able to get a good listing in most of the search engines, you need to optimize your Meta Tags.

A Meta Tag is simply a special piece of code that you put in the top of your site. It is invisible to normal visitors. However, the search engines see it, and it helps get you a better listing. If you do it right.

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You should already have made up your keyword list, as well as a short description of your site.

This is what the Meta Tag code looks like. I have slotted in the raising and selling beetles text so you can see what to do.

<META name="description" content="We teach you how to raise the best, and most healthy beetles and how to sell them. Learn why you would want to raise and sell beetles! Beetle raising can be fun and enjoyable">
<META name="keywords" content="raising, selling, feeding, beetles, fun, enjoyable, hobby, insects, bugs">

Now all you need to do is copy the above code, and insert your own keywords and description into it! Meta Tags aren't really as hard as they are made out to be.

Once you have created your Meta Tags, you need to insert them into your site. They go between the </TITLE> tag and the </HEAD> tag.

In the next section we will learn even more about optimizing your site for the search engines using your keywords. Hang in there... we're almost done the site preparations!

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