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6. Navigation

Navigation is of the issues most important for your site visibility. The navigation to your main content areas is of double importance when it is in the top fold.

The frequent indexing will be provoked by a frequent update of your content and a clear structure of your interlink structure.

Here the network sites have an advantage in creating more interlink options in the network which will lead to increase in your Google PR. Be sure the links to your pages are in the top of the pages and not hidden in javascript. When you open the page by View source, you will see the code display in the order the search engine spider will read it. Remember this top fold navigation tips and apply them carefully.

7. Site map

The site map has long been a staple at large, commercial web sites, and for good reason. It is of essential importance for making sure that search engines are finding all of your web sites content during every crawl. A good site map can also be an important way for your users to find information on your site. The site map page should ideally be at the following URL


It is important for the site map to be in the main site directory so search engine spiders can easily find it and follow the links. This will guarantee your main site content is instantly accessible to spiders and humans alike.

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