What is Hyperlocal Marketing?

Now, how do you do hyperlocal marketing?
You can already imagine the different ways of performing hyperlocal marketing. Newspapers, radio, local TV ads, posters, pamphlets, cards, etc. Any way which can connect to the customer locally is acceptable. And the idea could be out of the way, never seen before or a totally new marketing stunt. But, all its about is that the marketing technique is targeted to a local community.
But, when do you need to do hyperlocal marketing?
- When your business and customer base exist only in your locality

- When you can approach your customer base only in the way of local communication

- When local and community-personalized communication is far more effective than the generalized marketing approach

- When you are targeting to a specific group inside a community

So, you get the idea. It’s all about local marketing. You are targeting your customers using local celebrities, channels in each city which is formatted and custom-made for each city for the maximum appeal. Comparing to that, the generalized approach (showing same advertisement all over the country) will have far less appeal than the customized approach for each locality (or only one locality).
So, what clear benefits could be gained from hyper local marketing?
Higher appeal to customers due to customized marketing campaigns for the locality or each locality
Higher ROI, marketing efficiency and conversion ratio than the generalized approach
Targeting Specific group/community/area clarifies the roles and boundaries far clearly which helps at decision making process
Hyperlocal marketing is useful and rewarding at local bases and appeals the audience far better as the marketing includes the things/places/objects which are already very familiar and appealing to the targeted audience. Thus, the familiarity and likeability increases the chances of acceptance in customer’s mind, hence, higher conversion ratio.
What kind of companies uses hyperlocal marketing more often?
Companies which needs to attract people from the vicinity to sell their products; hence they use local newspapers, hoardings, pamphlets, radio ads, etc.
Shops and businesses which can only sell to the local people & are trying to expand locally (wanting more franchises across the city)
How to know if it is useful for you? Just try to match your business or business strategy to the ideal business which should be following the concept of Hyperlocal marketing.
In theory, any business could use hyperlocal marketing as it doesn’t matter if you are using it for only one area or the multiple areas. The concept is to approach people locally with the customized approach which appeals to that vicinity only. It is just breaking down the message for each community, city or targeted audience accordingly. So, that could be called as hyperlocal marketing on big scale.
Our Success Story with a Hyperlocal Marketing Project
We had a customer who had 100 years old sweets retail shop who had just two branches and a 3rd, unauthorized branch operating under a slightly modified name, the objective of our introductory conversation was to promote enough to reach a point that the brand is easily recognized and separated from unauthorized usage by other competitors.