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Last update: 23 May 2018

DevStart, Inc. Author's Agreement

The following are the terms and conditions governing content submissions to the DevStart, Inc. Network web sites.

General Terms and Conditions

By submitting your article, news article, review or analysis Author agrees to herein published terms and conditions. By submitting articles to the site, Author represents that Author has full rights to send us content related to the site's industry field.

The articles should NOT in any way violate or infringe the rights of any third person or party, including but not limited to, rights in copyrights, patents, trademarks, service marks, trade secrets or other proprietary rights.

Author is the sole author and owner of the content and have the full power and authority. Author is solely responsible for the content and the implemented in the article ideas.

Author agrees to send us original content responding to the latest news, trends and information updates up to the date of submitting of the article, news, press release or any other content unit. Author agrees to send content based only on true facts and diligent research.

By subscribing and becoming User of this system you understand that you will be e-mailed announcements and promotions about our sites and about third party companies.

DevStart, Inc. reserves the right, in its discretion, to change or modify without any notification all or any part of this agreement at any time, effective immediately upon publishing such changes or modifications.

Article Submission

Terms and Conditions


Thank you for your interest in writing for us. We accept well-written articles related to web promotion and SEO industry. The article can share knowledge on the field and provide usable information and knowledge to help users broaden their knowledge in the web promotion and SEO industry events, new web promotion and search engine optimization techniques. The article can also provide information about the trends in the industry or represent an industry research.

We do not accept articles that are primarily advertisements. However, you may place an authors resource box at the end of your article. The information in can include links to the site with short author bio and picture.

Please note that we only accept original articles, and that you must be the copyright owner. By submitting an article, you agree to permit PromotionWorld and its network sites use the article as for online content as well as for network e-zines.

Please note that we DON'T compensate for contributions but you can include a resource box with the credits at the end of the article, and you can include a link to your website. The submitting author takes responsibility for the article.

You understand that submission of your article to PromotionWorld does not in any way guarantee that it will be used or published at the PromotionWorld.

By submitting your article to PromotionWorld you hereby grant us permission to publish it and edit it.

News and Press Releases Submission

Terms and Conditions


We accept press releases and news related to Web promotion and SEO industry.

By submitting your press release or news, you agree to permit PromotionWorld and its network sites use the press release or news as for online content as well as for network e-zines, research articles, site news reviews and others.

Please note that we DON'T compensate for contributions.

PromotionWorld and the related network sites are not responsible for any possible damage and/or lose, caused by publishing or not publishing of your news and press releases.