Web Design / 14.09.2021

7 Amazing Web Design Trends for 2021

by Scott Smithee

The world of web development has evolved drastically over the last few years. Artistic creativity, online competition, and user experience ...

Web Design / 20.08.2021

The Importance of Incorporating Ethics in Your Web Design

by Adrian Johansen

Ethics likely isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of web design. After all, what harm ...

Web Design / 06.08.2021

5 Best Background Removal Tools For UI/UX Designers

by Narender Phartyal

If you are new to designing, you may assume that removing background from images is an effortless task. Yes, it ...

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Is It Worth To Spend Money On A Good Design (Even If You Are A Young Company)

by Daniel Salikov

When you start a new business, there is always a choice: order a website from a freelancer, or turn to ...

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Use This Checklist to Create the Perfect Landing Page

by Kistopher Langdon

Think of the landing page as the glue that holds your online marketing machine together. Let’s say you commissioned a ...

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5 Landing Page Trends To Focus On Higher Conversion Rate

by Brijesh Vadukiya

The internet world is expanding at a rapid rate, and it becomes important to take steps forward with the changing ...

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Mobile UX: 9 Best Practices You Need to Implement for Happy Users

by Ciara Perkins

Approximately 75% of users that open an app never come back. Think about it: Will you stay with an app that ...

Web Design / 19.05.2021

User Interface Design Principles for Mobile Application Development in 2021

by Kosha Shah

The use of mobile devices is increasing every day. So, it becomes essential to integrate interface design principles. The use ...

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10 Elements of Landing Pages That Will Convert In 2021

by Nick Brown

Landing pages are a key element of any modern website. They help businesses engage new customers and get them on ...

Web Design / 27.04.2021

Future of Outsourcing after COVID-19

by John Tie

In the post-COVID-19 environment, the changing trends of outsourcing are rapidly picking up speed. The reason for that is pretty ...