Social / 17.06.2021

How to Create a Profitable Social Media Marketing Strategy

by Bernard San Juan III

Social media marketing refers to the practice of using social media platforms — such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and ...

Social / 15.06.2021

5 Lesser-Heard Strategies to Get Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns Rolling

by Priya Kumari

As digital media becomes increasingly pervasive more customers are consuming advertising on various digital platforms. For business leaders, it has ...

Social / 08.06.2021

What are YouTube Shorts: How to Create & Employ Them to Gain Competitive Advantage

by Priya Kumari

YouTube Shorts are YouTube’s version of Instagram Reels or TikTok. It facilitates users to watch short, vertical videos in a ...

Social / 07.06.2021

Effective Strategies For Lead Generation On Facebook

by Sarah Smith

Nowadays, it is not surprising that most Facebook users don't perceive Facebook to be a means or platform for purchasing ...

Social / 21.05.2021

How Should Brand Handle Negative Comments On Social Media?

by Alice Sophia

While you show off the best performance on social media, people share their remarks on them. It can be both ...

Social / 05.05.2021

Video Ad Platform: Simple Explanation for Beginners

Among all existing types of content, video is the most engaging and popular one. Due to regular and fast access ...

Social / 20.04.2021

How To Boost Your Dropshipping Business On Instagram?

by Alice Sophia

Instagram is one of the social media platforms that are versatile in operation. The platform is mainly recognized for features ...

Social / 14.04.2021

How to Promote Your Eco-friendly Initiatives on Social Media

by Torben Lonne

Storytelling is the new billboard printing; those who discover and put it to use are the brands that will still ...

Social / 13.04.2021

How to Craft Effective Facebook Ads that Convert


Before we understand how to create really effective Facebook ads, we need to comprehend that Facebook ads can be quite ...

Social / 13.04.2021

Unique Factors of Social Media Management Service

by UMZ Technologies

Social media is one of the highest growing networks holding a large pool of users in the digital world. It ...