7 Essential Tools to Help Your Content Marketing Convert

When you want to take your content marketing efforts to new heights there are a few tools that you simply can’t do without. To show you how to transform your marketing efforts we’ve put together a shortlist of 7 of the best tools out there.


Hootsuite Amplify

Turning your employees into your own personal marketing department is what Amplify is all about. By encouraging them to repost and boost your social content, it allows you to organically expand your reach.


It is a pay to use service, but it will allow you to grow further and faster than you otherwise could. Ideal if you want to spread the word about your services in the run-up to the holiday season.



If you want to automate a whole range of things in your marketing campaign, then IFTTT may well be your distribution tool of choice. It couples together different apps so that you can easily crosspost. Here are a few reasons why it will make life a little bit easier:


  • You can automate your crossposting rather than having to keep complex calendars
  • You can in principle control all content distribution from a single account
  • You won’t run the risk of neglecting some platforms at the expense of others


“I’ve been using IFTTT for about 8 months. I’ve found it to be a simple and straightforward scheduling and distribution tool” — says James Daily, content manager, and founder of Brainished blog




No list of the 2018 trends to watch out for would be complete without tools like Quuu. The idea is that you share an article with the service, and Quuu will have thousands of genuine social accounts share and post it.


If you want to grow organically and reach real people, as opposed to wasting money on bots, then Quuu could be for you. It currently supports LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter so you should have plenty of contacts to reach.




One of the most common marketing mistakes is not having the ambition to reach out to the major players in your field. It really doesn’t matter how big or small you are when you start, if you don’t push your content to the right people then you just won’t see anything growth.


Outbrain is a clever tool that allows you to syndicate your content to top international publishers. By reaching out to major platforms, thought leaders, and experts, you’ll be able to quickly put your content in front of the eyes of millions of people.



Calls to action urge the reader to do something, so why not embed them as part of every link you share? This is what Sniply allows you to do, and here are a few reasons why you’d want to do it:


  • CTAs push people to take action when they are undecided
  • Links with embedded CTAs show higher click-through rates
  • CTAs help you create that all-important sense of urgency


“As someone who makes living selling services online, I find the inclusion of CTAs to be an essential part of my success. I always feel that a link without them is a wasted link” — shares Amanda Sparks, digital marketer and author of TopDownWriter.


Engaging Content

This one may sound a little bit left field, but your content is what really matters. If you want to find the right words to convince people then online tools such as Grammarly,  TopAustraliaWriters, and UpWork are well worth a look.


Take the time to create text that’s the right fit for your brand and you’ll soon see the benefits. At the end of the day, it’s all about finding the right voice for your message.



You may hate the idea of cold calling or prospecting, but it really does work. The secret is to do it on a large enough scale to make the relatively low conversion rate add up to a large number of new contacts.


Mailshake allows you to send bulk emails to influencers in your field, but it allows you to personalize them. You can then set up a funnel of follow-ups based on what the recipient does with your email.


“A big part of my job is to try and connect with influencers and experts. Mailshake is a useful way of approaching the people I want to speak to” — states Lindsay Stafford, a content marketer at Canada Writers.


Final Thoughts

There are so many different content marketing tools out there that it really does pay to shop around for exactly what you need. Add them to your business one by one, rather than trying to get started all at once with a big bang. That way you won’t get lost in tech for sake of tech, and will only choose tools that make your life as a marketer easier.