10 Must Know PPC Trends for Your Business in 2019

Accomplish much more in your business using the newest trends!

PPC trends have created a massive change in the business space recently. 2019 will be one more year for Pay-Per-Click with the tremendous capability to rephrase the company’s economy. When businesses use these ads, it is proven to bring them the best ROI possible.

However, PPC isn’t the only advertising options available in the market. There is a multitude of advertisement platforms which makes marketers rethink about the necessity of using PPC ads over other possibilities. So, to give you an instance, I picked some of the statistics which highlights the importance of PPC ads when it comes to reaching your audience.

Why Should You Choose PPC for Your Business?

  • PPC ads are one among the top three initiators of on-page conversions. (Formstack)
  • More than 7 million advertisers made an investment of $10.1 billion in Pay-Per-Click ads during 2017. (SocialMediaToday)
  • Facebook’s advertisement revenues are all set to eclipse the whole print industry in 2019. (EMarketer)
  • Search ads are capable of boosting brand awareness by 80 percent. (Google)
  • Paid ads were responsible for 65 percent of clicks by users who planned to purchase a product/service. (Wordstream)
  • Almost 40 percent of firms are planning to increase their PPC budget, as it is a productive and profitable tool for marketers. (SocialMediaToday)

So, what can you expect from PPC in 2019?

The facts above emphasize how 2019 will be a promising year for PPC. Hence, if you are a stagnant marketer using the same old approaches to target your customers in a limited platform, you must embrace these trends from now on. To help you in this regard, we listed some of the pinnacle trends of PPC you must follow this year.

Let’s get right to it.

  1. More Power to Audience than Keywords

Keyword era is almost coming to an end. Perhaps, scribbling keywords to appear on the top of the result will no longer serve the industries. So, what will replace the keyword? A clear focus on the audience. Marketers have to adopt this strategy while designing the ads. They have to dig deeper to know their audience well and then craft the ad messages that are relevant and highly personalized.

  1. Compelling Design

Yes, if you want your audience to click any of your ads, it should look creative. You have to keep up with the user expectation which keeps intensifying swiftly. The more they click your ad, the more profit you can generate. Hence make your ad look enthralling. Brush up your brain to sound creative in 2019. Or, hire a designer who can ease your job.

  1. Usage of Videos

Video ads aren’t as simple as it sounds. But, its benefits of increased interaction is never a lie. With a relatively healthy PPC budget (even if it isn’t huge) and video assets, one can conduct narrowly targeted campaigns in their market. In case, you don’t want to use videos ads; you can use the power of YouTube to reach your audience. YouTube advertising is cheaper and maximizes outreach.

  1. Distribution of PPC Budget

Diversifying your PPC spending will become extremely important this year. Ads on various platforms such as Google, Bing, Pinterest, and Facebook are gaining prominence in ad campaigns. And, these platforms are currently bringing new features and massive changes into its interface to drive the attention of the users.

Bing Ads included reporting, targeted ad capabilities, and more. LinkedIn began profile targeting whereas, Facebook, Pinterest, and others have improved their ad platforms and it is continued to provide exceptional benefits in the future.

  1. Highly Effective Ad Copy

It’s crucial to craft a solid message to the people who are seeing your ads online because these messages are capable of bringing more traffic to your page and thereby more sales. So, marketers have to invest some time in creating a thoughtful ad copy that can engage the users quickly. It can consist of multiple headlines or simple graphics that are relevant to your audience’s interest.

  1. Development of Brand Loyalty

Most of the marketers place a higher priority for ROI when it comes to PPC ads. But in reality, concentrating on building a brand name, and developing a brand loyalty does more good than expected when executed properly. Advertising tactics are necessary but focusing on a brand which is worth to promote is highly essential. So, don’t forget the basics of marketing while trying to procure yield out of ads.

  1. Importance of PPC Marketers

The latest development in PPC ads is creating a massive space for PPC Marketers. Although it is automated, PPCers are required to handle multiple tasks, including ad testing, query mining, serving, and managing the accounts to deliver the desired output. This expert can also guide other members in the team to hone their skills to match the requirements of the future PPC campaigns. The businesses running these campaigns can effectively use the data by Google and other sources to make it successful.

  1. Focus on Remarketing

Remarketing is a highly effective approach of displaying seen ads to people and thereby pushing the prospects to buy it. Although it isn’t a new phenomenon in the market, it is predicted to create a vast difference in the ad space by delivering higher CTR and conversion rate than other methods of promotion. Hence use this method in your business activities or blend it with different marketing strategies to make consumers reconsider their needs.

  1. Cross-Channel Advertising

There are over hundreds of channels in the market, and it is likely that firms will not stick on to any particular channel for a long time. They continuously make adjustments based on their previous performance in each channel. That is, they might either add a new promotional platform to their list or remove the existing one. So, no matter how many channels you use at present, make sure it keeps the users engaged throughout their journey with you.

  1. Embrace the Change in the Industry

Apart from PPC trends, there are several upcoming changes in marketing platforms. However, the primary reason behind these changes will be to target consumers in a novel way and provide a unique experience for them. So, to stay ahead in the highly competitive business world, you must learn to embrace the new technologies with a clear mind.


No one knows what to expect in the future. But, the market predictions say PPC trends will see a fruitful outcome in 2019 and beyond. So, if you want to succeed in your business operations, you must be willing to expand your PPC ad budgets, and keep an eye on the newest trends, tools, and platforms around you.