How to Build a Career in Marketing

Marketing is a multi-faceted industry that offers an exciting and lucrative career path. Specialized marketing skills are in high demand right now. Therefore this is the perfect opportunity to jump into a career in marketing and carve out the dream job you have always wanted.


Marketing encompasses everything from brand development and market research to public relations, advertising, and promotion. Marketing provides a bridge from the product/service and sales side of things to the consumer. So whether you are a creative type who likes to brainstorm solutions or a statistician who loves crunching numbers, there is something for everyone in the field of marketing.


If you are interested in marketing, you will first want to assess your skills and experience to determine what area of marketing appeals to you the most before you set off for your new career.

Top Marketing Jobs Right Now

The top jobs in marketing today pay between $40,000-$110,000 a year. Not only can you do something you love, but you can also make a good living at it. Within the positions available, you also have to decide if you want to be an in-house marketer or work for an agency with a variety of different clients and industries.


According to, a top job posting board, the most popular marketing positions right now are focused on social media management, brand awareness, and leadership. When searching for marketing jobs, you will see a lot of social media coordinator opportunities out there.


Additionally, communication specialists and digital strategist positions are abound right now. Your job choice depends on what area of marketing you are interested in. If you like writing, perhaps copywriting is a good fit. If you excel at design, brand development might be your calling.

In-House or Agency Work

When you work as an in-house marketer, you will know your company intimately and have a good understanding of the brand scheme and positioning. You will own your projects and have a lot of decision-making power. Your experience will most likely be very specialized.


Working with an agency, however, exposes you to a broad range of marketing techniques and may stretch your skills. You may not have final decision-making power, but you will get to work with a lot of different clients on various projects in a plethora of industries. You may even be in charge of budgets and strategy.


When you decide between in-house marketing or agency work, you have to look at the big picture and where you want your future to be. If you want to become specialized in a single industry, then in-house may be the choice for you. If you want to have a diverse skill set and clientele, then agency marketing might work better.

The Skills You Need in Marketing

The most important skill you need if you want to work in marketing is excellent communication skills. Communication is the foundation of any marketing campaign. You should also be comfortable speaking in public, have a creative mindset and be able to think analytically.


You will excel in marketing if you are good at negotiating and influencing people. The core to any good marketing strategy is connecting with your audience and helping them to make a decision. If you are interested in market research, then you will need to be good with mathematics and statistics.


If you already have a job in marketing and are looking to further your career, or you have strong SEO or social media skills, you’ll jump to the front of the line when applying for jobs. SEO is critical to the overall process, and social media expertise is one of the most sought-after skills in marketing these days.

How to Market Yourself for a Job in Marketing

Before you decide to dive into a career in marketing, first do your homework. Find out what jobs are most available in your area and what skills they require. Decide upon what area you would like to focus: advertising, research, SEO, social media, content strategy, copywriting, email marketing, or sales conversions.


Now spend a good amount of time crafting a professional resume that aligns your skills with the position for which you are applying. Highlight how your experience dovetails into the marketing arena and how your skills can overlap in other areas. If you need to, take a course or hire a coach to deepen your skills and experience in the areas where you lack.


Collect and study all the marketing materials you can find. Take note of particularly catchy phrases or campaigns that “move” you. If you are working for a company and haven’t yet broken into the marketing department, get to know staff in that department. When the time is right, you will be the one they call for an interview.

Create Connections to Get Your Foot in the Door

Network at events or online and talk to friends or acquaintances who work in marketing or know someone who does. Getting a referral from a known source is a better and quicker way to get your foot in the door and bag that interview. Send out your resume or share on social media that you are interested in a career in marketing. Everyone knows someone, and this might be just the opportunity to create a connection for you.


If you are just starting out, consider an internship. While you work, you will be learning and growing in skills that later can help you win that high-level marketing job. Follow top brands and companies that you would love to work for, on social media. Connect with managers and marketing professionals on LinkedIn and send them a quick message asking if they are hiring. Getting your name in front of as many people as possible increases your chances of landing that great job.

Other Helpful Tips to Break into Marketing

Become great at telling stories and bone up on your grammar skills. Good writing is essential to marketing. You don’t want to be tripping over bad grammar while you are trying to create a winning marketing campaign that connects with your audience.


Work on your technical skills. You don’t have to be a computer expert, but you should know the software and hardware you will be using well. Delve into social media tools and expand your versatility.


Study what other successful marketers have done. Try your hand at social media campaigns and test yourself to see how well you do. Everything you learn along the way will help pave the path to your new, exciting career in marketing.