6 Digital Marketing Tips for Startups

The internet now occupies a major part of the consumer’s lives, and so it has become important for businesses to use digital marketing for promotion. Besides, digital marketing is cheaper to carry out, which makes it ideal for small businesses with little capital. However, you must know how to implement the right steps in your digital marketing campaign to get it to work for your business. The following are 6 digital marketing tips for startups.



Optimize Your Site to be Mobile Friendly

The digital marketing strategies must be designed to appeal to mobile customers because there are more people using smartphones to access the internet than those who use their PC. To make your site mobile friendly, you can bold or underline words to make it easy to read for people with low vision. Buttons should be well spaced to prevent the users from accidentally pressing the wrong ones. In addition, you can provide options for increasing the text size for people who have problems reading small text.


Provide High-Quality Content

Providing high-quality content is one of the factors that attract people to your site. You can use bullet points and headings to organize your content. It is also better to include at least one image in your content. Image breaks up the long content - it gives the impression that the content is short and will motivate the visitors to finish reading it. If you want to win customers, you should focus on making 80% of the blog content to talk about your product while the rest of the 20% should be about freebies giveaways. If you often give away freebies, your readers will be happier to come back to your site.


Add Video to Your Content

You can add a video to the bottom of your content. These videos can get indexed and ranked on the search result to bring more traffic to your website. For example, if your blog frequently posts software reviews, you can use a screen recorder to the on-screen product walkthrough. It will give your audience a chance to see what the software is like and its feature through the screencast review. Screencast video also works best for long posts about video game review. It is sometimes hard to understand what the author is talking in the video game review article. However, if you put a video, people can see what the game is like and understand what you are describing in the review. Examples of the best streaming video recorders: Movavi Screen Recorder, HYFY Recorder, and CamStudio.


Establish a Presence on the Social Media

Social media has become the primary way for businesses to obtain customers. You should not be left behind and also work on establishing a presence on social media. First, you must do research on the platforms that your audience use most and the frequency. Focusing on the platforms where your customers already are will give you the best results. On every platform, you should use the same handle so that your users can easily find and follow you. Using the same handle will make your brand identity clearer. For each social media platform, you should create a unique marketing plan. In your marketing plan, you can set weekly and monthly goals such as a number of followers to acquire, and a number of customers to reach out. You have to study your customer language and speak to them using the same language when conveying a brand message.


Optimize Your Website for SEO

SEO optimization is necessary for online businesses that want to have good brand recognition. Stats claimed that about 74% of consumers use the search engine to look for business information. It is also believed that 80-90% of consumers would research online reviews first prior to making a purchase. However, it can take a long time for your site to start getting ranked for the targeted keywords. When it does, you will keep getting organic traffic that is free from the search result. Some of these organic traffic will convert into sales, which helps you to save money on online advertising cost. If you are experienced in SEO optimization, you can create your SEO marketing plan and implement it on your website. If you are not skilled, you can outsource it to an SEO company and let them help you optimize your website.


Maintain Interaction with Your Readers

Digital marketing is not just about getting people to read your content. It is also about engaging with your readers. After people read your content, they will have doubts and questions. They will usually post their remarks on the comment sections of your blog posts or send you emails. You should not ignore your readers' comment but post a reply promptly to show that you care. If you promptly answer their questions, you will add to your credibility. It also proves your capability in providing good customer service. Interactions with customers are the key to develop a loyal customer’s base.