Why Marketing Plans Don’t Work Anymore

The main reason why marketing plans don’t work is because they are designed for people who aren’t going to feel their effects, mainly executives. Marketing plans are defined as a quarterly plan on what you want to do in terms of content, advertising, and more.


These days, what you need is a content calendar and an on-hand writer for recent developments in your industry. Before, marketing plans were used to release large scale campaigns that can boost your company’s reputation.


These days, a marketing plan needs to be developed in as short as a week to meet the demands of people. Competitors are also making marketing moves daily or even hourly. How is this happening? Through social media, newsletters, blogging, and press releases.


Since the old ways of marketing plans are far and gone, what can you do instead?


Weekly Marketing Reports


Instead of planning out a quarter of the year, divide your marketing efforts into sections and teams. There should be a team for social media, copywriting, and digital marketing. Businesses should focus on all of these at the same time.


Marketing reports and suggestions can be done instead of marketing plans. Get the go signal from the higher ups and see how things go.


The advantage of a short-term marketing strategy is that you can change it as needed. When the sentiments of your audience change, your marketing strategy must change as well. The disadvantage is that you never know what will happen next.


For example, the tech industry constantly gets hit with bigger and better updates from competitors. In turn, companies have to work harder and faster to make better iterations and market it in a timely fashion.


How can you apply this to any business?


For large businesses, it is best to invest in several teams. For small businesses, you can have a small team with individual roles. The only difference is the scale of marketing and campaign launches. Not to mention budget.


Still, the same strategy will work for everyone. You must know what to put into your marketing strategy based on what is happening in the world. Make sure you are sensitive to the news and apply what you know based on how people are feeling.


Here are some tips that you can use to make a timely marketing strategy:


  1. Find out what’s trending and use positive marketing to discuss the topic.
  2. Know your audience and always check what they are talking about in discussion groups and forums.
  3. Learn what makes your customers tick and check to see how they’ve changed throughout the years, months, and weeks.
  4. Find out how people feel about your product and manufacturing practices so that you can create campaigns around authenticity.
  5. Be honest about what your business is experiencing by announcing changes in products and how the company operates.


These may be simple tips, but you can easily apply them to any marketing strategy. Just prioritize the buyers and the quality of your product when marketing.