Marketing with Mando: 7 Tips from the Newest "Star Wars" Series

Disney’s breakout show, “The Mandalorian,” premiered the day the corporate giant launched its Disney+ streaming service. Thanks to its introducing the phenomenon of Baby Yoda (and some help from die-hard “Star Wars” fans), it was an immediate hit. 

The plot itself is straightforward. A tough bounty hunter named Din Djarin from the planet Mandalore acquires “The Child” (aka Baby Yoda) and delivers him to a client at the directive of Greef Carga, the leader of the Bounty Hunters Guild. Afterward, the Mandalorian has second thoughts and goes back to reclaim the adorable little one. He decides to protect The Child at all costs, making his share of enemies in the process.

The series contains plenty of familiar “Star Wars” elements, but “The Mandalorian” is a whole lot more than conflicts with aliens, shooting blasters, and flying spaceships: It also parallels many marketing lessons we can use right here on Earth. Here are seven of them:


1. Command - don’t demand - attention

Mando gets attention everywhere he goes, but he certainly doesn’t ask for it. He’s never pushy or “in your face” when going about his business. Yet, all life forms seem to notice him no matter where he goes.

Marketers serve their companies better when they command attention rather than demanding it. For instance, it’s better not to make “cold” phone calls or send out unsolicited emails. If you focus instead on building and cultivating relationships, people will respect you more. Once some trust is established, you’ll have the attention of the right audiences and, ultimately, better conversion rates.


2. Develop a unique brand

Mandalorians wear distinctive-looking armor and helmets. Beskar, the material that makes up their armor, is highly sought after. Their stance and demeanor are unmistakable. Anyone can recognize a Mandalorian, even if they’ve never seen one before — like Kuill, the Ugnaught who quickly becomes one of Mando’s allies.

Make your brand just as recognizable. Create a unique and distinctive logo that can grace your website, social media avatars, business cards, and signage. Then consider going a step further by having your logo printed on personalized items to distribute for even greater visibility. Promotional products that bear your brand are easy to come by and are always a smart marketing investment.


3. Be true to your word

In the “Chapter 4: Sanctuary” episode, Mando is hired to protect villagers on the planet Sorgan from marauders. He soon learns the villagers weren’t entirely honest about what he’d be facing. Still, he stuck to his word even after he learned the bad guys were using deadly and powerful All-Terrain Scout Transports left behind by the Imperials.

The lesson here is: Once you’ve made a promise to a client, always try your best to honor your word. Avoid making promises you can’t keep or deals you can’t live up to. This harms your integrity and can weaken your professional reputation and brand.


4. Build relationships

Mandalorians generally keep to themselves. Yet, once Din Djarin goes rogue to save Baby Yoda from the bad guys looking to exploit him, he learns he can’t do it all on his own. In each episode, the audience sees Mando learning to communicate with and, more importantly, trust others.

During his journey, the bounty hunter entrusts Kuill, a kind mechanic on Tatooine, and a farmer on Sorgan to care for Baby Yoda. He knows that unless he trusts others, he and the child will both be doomed. He even re-forms an alliance with Greef Carga when push comes to shove.

In business, alliances with other professionals are vital to success. What you can’t do on your own, you can often accomplish with the help of others. Strive to network and cultivate strong relationships. Ask for and accept help — and be willing to offer a helping hand, too.


5. Follow a moral compass

Living an ethical life matters. The Mandalorians follow a specific creed and frequently use the phrase “This is the Way.” When these words are uttered, everyone in the clan knows what must be done. There are no “ifs” or “maybes” involved.

If you follow your moral compass when making business decisions, it won’t steer you wrong. Always honor your word, your promises, and even your debts (so be sure you build good credit). Today’s consumers won’t give much consideration to companies that lack a moral compass.


6. Gain diverse skills

From the outset, it’s clear that Mando has many talents. He can navigate different vehicles and use several weapons at once. The Child has The Force, but Mando has to survive by using his own wits.

You don’t need to use mysterious powers or be able to handle multiple weapons to survive. However, you should collect as many tools in your toolbox as you can. The right preparation, like first-aid or CPR training, can help you respond effectively when things go wrong. You never know what you might run into during an emergency, so the more diverse your skillset, the better off you’ll be. 


7. Be prepared to improvise

As a bounty hunter, Mando learns that things often don’t go as planned. If they did, he’d have claimed a rich reward and forgotten all about Baby Yoda after delivering him to the Empire loyalists. Instead, however, he pivots and quickly improvises to save the child. In the aftermath of the rescue, he encounters one dilemma or conflict after another.


What we can learn here is to never be complacent. You never know what’s around the corner — especially when it comes to technology and innovation. If your company culture is resistant to change, you’re going to have a very difficult time finding success. As a result, your company can quickly become antiquated and fall behind the competition.


On the surface, “The Mandalorian” appears to be just another “Star Wars” adventure. But if you look deeper and think about the skills the characters call upon to succeed, you’ll find plenty of wisdom you can apply to your own businesses.