How To Harness Online Reviews to Market to Each Generation

Online reviews are an online shopper’s best friend. They have the power to turn doubt into excitement – or excitement into downright horror. Luckily, you can leverage online reviews to work hard for your business and turn potential buyers into happy customers.


A huge part of making the most of your customer reviews is understanding which generation you’re targeting. Not only that, but understanding how they behave online, and how this affects your business.


Different generations behave differently online – for example, Gen Zs and Millennials expect to see the highest number of reviews before making a purchase, while Boomers spend the most money per transaction.


Knowing each generation’s quirks, flaws, and favorite online habits, will help you tailor your online reviews strategy to connect and engage customers – and keep those sales come rolling in.


Get started with this infographic from Website Builder Expert, for some handy insights into each generation’s online review habits, before diving into our top tips for adapting your reviews strategy.



Gen Zs & Millennials:


Gen X

Which Generation is the most critical?