Top 8 Digital Marketing Best Practices 2020 For Your Business

Digital marketing is a form of marketing that incorporates internet and online digital technologies like computers, mobile phones and other digital media and platforms to publicise products and services. Its evolution since the last 30 years transformed the way companies and businesses use technology for marketing.

With each day passing day, digital platforms are getting more and more incorporated into marketing strategies. People are progressively using digital devices rather than visiting physical locations, and digital marketing campaigns are becoming very popular.

To keep your brand image pristine, not only must you be aware of the practices involved, but you should also implement them accordingly.

Let us have a look at such practices:


  1. Check the competitors' site traffic.

Doing a website traffic analysis will help you to find out more details with regards to your competitors’ digital marketing strategy, how has the performance been over the past few months and if there are any significant changes to their results. You may begin by mapping your competitors' website traffic and check how their online presence is functioning. A look into their most favoured channels will help you to organise your digital marketing strategy based on the findings. Having checked their website traffic, you can decide on the analysis to triumph over your nearest competitor. It is also helpful in reviewing any periodic changes or trends that influence the traffic and what these progressions could intend to your strategies.


  1. Direct Messaging

This digital marketing strategy is getting very much popular with every single day. Many companies are taking the help of Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and Vibe to stay in touch with the users directly. Shooting private messages on Twitter and Instagram is another way staying well-connected with the customers. You can communicate with them, work out orders and solve address complaints if they have any. It helps them to give a feeling of staying associated with the brand.

To start with, you can also have the customers Direct Messaging you. Help your followers with your social media handles or pleasure them with some elite coupon codes and offers. You never know, they can drop a message asking the know-hows.


  1. Interactive Emails

Email marketing is in no way out-of-date. Instead, digital marketing professionals have developed various means of reviving it with innovative ideas.

In today’s world, people do not want just latent content, and therefore, marketing professionals are using interactive email strategies to lure customers. Today’s emails are made attractive with glossy web pages that have clickable buttons and other mind-blowing visuals. Usage of short embedded videos to emails, GIFs and stylised buttons is increasing every day.


  1. Studying the competitors’ SEO tactics

It would help if you organised your SEO in the right way to have a reliable and effective digital marketing strategy.

You can engage a top SEO company in the USA to assist you with SEO tools. Such companies give importance to rankings as well as revenue generation. If you are in Melbourne, you can also associate with the companies that offer ranking seo services.

Studying a particular website’s organic search visibility often is the right way to get started. Improving your ranking in search results can lead to a consistent number of views to your website every month.

The learnings can assist you with enhancing your campaign and your content, so you focus on the appropriate keywords. You can likewise find out potential keyword gaps to assist you with positioning higher at a shorter time.


  1. Story Ads

Many users are uploading stories on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, and these are getting a great response. Approximately 300 million Facebook users are referring every day to Facebook Stories and Messenger Stories. Putting it to use, Facebook story Ads has been made available to marketing professionals world over. Instagram Stories Ad is also helping companies to promote their stories.


What makes Story Ads interesting?

  • According to Facebook, 58% of the people have visited the brand’s website after they have gone through the product or service in a story, thus making it evident that stories do work.
  • Stories help arouse the interest of customers by attracting them with a fascinating video. Video marketing is now the next level of promoting your business.
  • Stories can be put to share advice and offer tips as well as launch new products. Stories present advertisements in a more convincing, helpful and more natural way.


  1. Review your competitors’ online Ads

You do not have to be a master to launch a rewarding advertising campaign. Referring to your competitors' ads to plan your advertising strategy is excellent. Doing so will help gather valuable information like:

  • Paid traffic rough cost
  • the number of keywords bidding on
  • average traffic through keywords
  • websites your rivals are competing with
  • Data history to understand seasonal changes in your competitors’ ads

Above study will help tap the opportunities that the competitors might be missing or markets you can capture. 


  1. Micro-influencers

Micro-influencers have around 100,000 followers and are experts in their respective industries. A partnership with micro-influencers will undoubtedly add value to your business.

A survey states that 82% of people would follow the recommendations of micro-influencers.


Why go for a Micro-influencer?

Micro-influencers have an engaged and targeted audience.

They are economical. Around 100 of the Micro-influencers charge less as compared to a celebrity. It is advisable to engage with more than one micro-influencer to boost your search.

Micro-influencers are more engaging and reliable. They stay connected with their followers with personalised interactions and humble attitude.


  1. Evaluate your competitors’ social media presence

Your appearance on social media tells more about your digital marketing strategy. You must do a check of your competitors’ social media presence. Your competitor analysis can include a better study of their social channels, number of posts, their engagement rate and their most popular channels.

Digital marketing is being preferred more by companies today to attract the audience. Your website must become visible to more people. You can engage the best SEO professionals that will help you with your SEO tools to enhance your website rankings. If you are in Melbourne, then opt for the company that offers marketing and SEO services to help your online business grow multi-fold.