The Best Digital Marketing Trends To Follow Post Covid-19 Lockdown

Moving at the speed of light, marketing trends & techniques keep popping up. In this fast-paced world, brands need to keep their digital marketing game up, or else you’ll feel left behind amongst your competitors. 


Especially when you are brainstorming a new campaign or strategy, and suddenly a new technology gets introduced. Now that can piss you off even more. 


Initially, companies were confined to a website and a Facebook page, but with the constantly evolving digital sphere, brands just can’t ignore the latest digital marketing trends. 


By now, to have a successful business, you can’t afford not to have an online presence. 


To update you with the latest trends of digital marketing in 2020, we have curated this blog. I hope that it will be useful for you.

Current Digital Marketing Scenario- Highlights 

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the entire world tremendously, especially the businesses all across the globe. As the lockdown has started getting over, marketers need to pace up to bring their businesses on track. 


As for quite a few months, the people were stuck with their phones, the statistics of the online world have increased immensely.


Speaking of the online world, more than 4.5 billion people now use the internet, while the mark of social media users has crossed a staggering number of 3.8 million already. 


So it doesn’t matter what industry you belong, you have a whole new audience to market to. And just like your target audience, the innovative ways to do the marketing has also been expanded. 


Post Covid-19 lockdown, new technologies, techniques & tools will come to the action. Eventually, marketers have to adapt them to keep their business at the top. 


After all, if you don’t adapt, you’ll face the harsh reality of Digital Darwinism. Get ready to know about the best digital marketing trends to follow post-COVID-19 lockdown in 2020 & beyond. 

Follow These 4 Digital Marketing Trends in 2020 & Beyond


#1 Get Juice From Online Reviews

With the ability to either make or break your business, Online Reviews helps business to gain the trust of their audience. 


FYI, businesses with few reviews get fewer conversions than companies having just 100+ reviews including a few negative reviews too. 


Therefore, verified review sources like Google Business, Facebook, Yelp, and more help your business stand out from your competitors. 


You can use these online reviews even to improve your brand image in front of your customers. 


To do so, you can embed them on your website or display on digital signages in events, conferences, and other venues using social media aggregator tools like Taggbox. 


#2 More Sales With Shoppable Posts

How about leveraging Shoppable Instagram posts by having a ‘Buy Now’ link added to a particular product in your Instagram stories, UGC, & posts?


This marketing trend, called Shoppable Posts, is becoming extremely popular among e-commerce brands. It allows brands to tag a product for users to see. 


This way, the users not only fall in love with your product but also buy it without even leaving your social media platform.


Shoppable Posts acts as a new age shopping venue for customers where brands easily sell goods & services via social media networks. 


These platforms have introduced ways for e-commerce stores to create shoppable posts.


Therefore with shoppable posts, customers save themselves from a long tiring process of shopping. 


#3 User-Generated Content Builds All-Important Brand Trust

Whether it’s videos, blogs, emails, or social media networks, Content is everywhere. This is the reason why Content is said to be the King in marketing. 


User-generated content is becoming the ‘voice’ of marketers to stand out. Not just content marketing but UGC also improves content uniqueness, therefore acts as a powerful tool for your website SEO.


It is a perfect example of word of mouth marketing where content is created by the unpaid contributors on various social media platforms to improve user experience as well as to help a business grow online. 


The reason why customers trust UGC more than the paid content is that it is created by the users only. So, it also becomes very authentic and reliable for customers and therefore affects their buying decision online. 


Along with that, this form of content helps in increasing engagement, build customer loyalty, boost sales, higher conversions for your business, and more. 


For instance, social media feeds, online reviews, blogs, etc. comes in the category of user-generated content. 


The best thing is with the help of social media aggregator tools like Taggbox you can customize, moderate as well as monitor the analytics of user-generated content to make it more attractive and then embed it on your website. 


#4 Deliver Personalized Experience With Chatbots 

With the increase in customer base, brands found the need for more personalized & accessible customer service. 


This is why Chatbots came into existence which is an excellent example of Artificial Intelligence technology. 


This instant messaging trend of chatbots is becoming very common on websites. Offering tailored & unique experience to customers, chatbots can be accessed 24*7. 


To be noted, chatbots are expected to help businesses save over 8 billion dollars a year by 2022.


By leveraging this technology, you can save a lot of money & time by not hiring a chat representative. 


In this constantly changing marketing sphere, the aforementioned trends are going to be great game-changers for your brand. 


So, identify your success opportunities and get started with these trends to get ahead in the game.