Tips to enhance digital customer experience from Michael Giannulis

There were several studies where business organizations got questioned on the best venture in 2020. And in the majority of the cases, business houses and companies answered it was customer experience. A well-outlined and implemented customer experience policy will enhance customer satisfaction, improve the bottom line, and improve consumer lifetime value. As online transformation is gaining relevance, your online customers play a crucial part in your brand's success. Most business houses globally are gradually realizing this aspect. Also, 50% of the business houses share that their online transformation initiatives pay attention to the online customer experience more than ever.

Michael Giannulis defines the online customer experience

Simply put, it refers to the online experience that your customers have with your company. It also includes the journey they undergo as they engage with your brand. Hence, it can get defined as brand-specific communication with online patrons as a part of the online experience.

Do you want your business to effectively spot issues, enhance the online experience, and make the most of the actionable insights? If yes, then you need to have a functional customer experience program in place. Michael Giannulis shares the following steps to attain this objective.

  1. Know and understand customer behavior

It is essential to understand customer behavior. Without having a clear idea about your customer behavior, you can't relate to them. You will also not know where the customers are coming from. Hence, when you choose to understand customer behavior clearly, you can determine their expectations better and shape the online experience.

  1. Allow self-service options

The new-age customers are becoming highly self-sufficient. They love to navigate a website themselves instead of getting in touch with a live agent. Today, close to 40% of the customers claim to use self-service options instead of connecting with the customer care agents. Businesses need to remember this as they outline their digital experience strategy and provide advanced self-service choices to their customers. Today, the self-service options as chatbots can magnify the automation and speed of the service. It helps customers to connect with your brand better than ever.

  1. Offer a streamlined omni-channel customer experience

According to an Aberdeen Group study, brands and businesses that provided a consistent online customer experience across multiple channels witnessed a customer return of 89%. Simultaneously, Exolevel concluded that 80% of the customers want to have a tool to purchase products through any convenient channel.

The customers today have the choice to contact and shop from various business brands. Allowing an omnichannel experience will enable you to offer your consumers uniform support and a consistent buying experience across the channels. According to a Harvard Business Review, close to 73% of the consumers used one or more channels during their buying journey. It highlights how prominent the shift has become today. The customers want to follow the brands they use across various channels.

These are a few ways in which businesses can enhance their online customer experience. It will lead to better business performance and growth.