6 Superb Marketing Tactics Every Entrepreneur Should Know this 2021

Content marketing trends come and go, and it can be hard to choose what should be part of your strategy. Let us take you through the best marketing techniques for your business this 2021.

1. Educate with your content

Scroll down your social media feed. When do you click on a link that leads you out of the app or site? When you feel like the content will teach you something new. It might be trivia, a practical tip, or a life-changing reminder. The most important thing is that you feel like value was added to you when you read it.


Keep that feeling in your mind, and now look at your content. Does your content educate its readers? Do they come away having learned something fun, useful, or inspiring? If you wouldn’t describe your content that way, it might be time to change the strategy and outline of your articles, blogs, and social media posts. If you read your own article and feel the gain at the end, you’ll know it adds value to your clients and consumers.

2. Personalize your marketing messages

Nobody likes to feel like they are part of the “mass market.” Every client or consumer wants to feel noticed and distinct. Here are some tips to help you out.


Call them by name. When your name is called, don’t you turn around? The customer’s name in the subject line and salutation (opening greeting) will catch their attention at once. They might notice the branding later, but they will definitely see their names first.


Sort your customer list. Especially for repeat customers, note which products they usually buy, and which products they are willing to try out. Take time to understand their wants and needs, and create lists that you can easily personalize. For a skincare company, some customers may be into both makeup and skincare. Others may be only into the foundations.

3. Let data drive your creatives

Digital and creatives are not separate marketing strategies. Your creative output must match your platforms, and your digital strategy must take creatives into consideration. Here are some tips to help you get started.


One campaign, multiple creative styles. When you’re starting out, it’s important to take it slow. No matter how much you research, your audience and product will always be a unique pair. Carry out one campaign in more than one creative style, listening to how your audience responds to each one.


Watch the return on investment. Does one campaign get more promotion, but another gets more sales? Figure out what works best for you at different times of year. Creative agencies can also give an edge in data-driven creative campaigns.

4. Invest in original research

You can’t just depend on the reports and research insights of other companies. You’ll notice that while the data is very helpful, they won’t perfectly match your company’s vision, values, products, or consumer base perfectly. If you’re planning a large campaign, that would be the perfect time to invest in research that accurately reflects your audience.


Create a team. Credible research, that you can also use as a marketing team, needs to be properly designed and carefully analyzed. A trained researcher or data analyst would be the perfect person to tap.


Limit your target respondents. If your product is for mothers, don’t email blast the young professionals. Look for target respondents who fit the audience you want to reach. This is also where you get to use phrases like “We asked mothers” and “You spoke; we listened!”


Use it! Credible research takes time and resources. Make the most of it!

5. Update your content

Before jumping on the content creation landslide, start by updating your content. This is more important than you think. If just one web user mentions your content and tells their communities it is no longer updated or relevant, that will definitely lessen your traffic and search rankings.


Begin with the winners. What is the most-read or most traffic-generating post you have? Review and update it if needed. Double-check the data, the word choices, the images used.


Double-check your basics. Review your about page, the page about your services, your Who We Are page. Those are read more than you think, and a clean and consistent presentation adds to your credibility.


Delete the non-essentials. If you find old blogs off brand, you might want to at least archive them or take them off the searchable part of the page. Fearlessly upgrade your image.

6. Try subscribing to HARO

HARO, or Help A Reporter Out, brings your content to the attention of media outlets who can promote you or link back to you on their websites. Not only do you gain credibility as a resource, but you also receive quality backlinks that bring your search rankings up. A subscription-based platform, it is a good investment to improve your website’s reach and reputation as a resource.

Final Say

You’re ready for 2021! Good content is still in the lead, and authenticity and credibility are more important than ever. Good luck!