What is the Streaming Analytics Report by Forrester

Streaming analytics, also called event stream processing, is the modern solution for analyzing big data in real-time using continuous queries. With legacy systems that relied on outdated request/response patterns, computer systems would have to wait between each individual step of an event process before they could continue through the event stream. Such a slow approach won't cut it these days, and organizations who are serious about monetizing data properly recognize that they'll need connectors and an analytics solution that keeps their data both accurate and current.


Events can be triggered by anything from a click on a website or a financial transaction to unusual readings being picked up by IoT sensors. Organizations that need real-time insights to improve business processes need to find the best streaming analytics providers on the market. Fortunately, that's exactly what the Streaming Analytics Report by Forrester was designed to help with.


Report Basics



Essentially, the Forrester Wave is a report compiled by Forrester Research that's meant to help business leaders find their best options for providers in the technology market. The full report relies on contributions from four important participants.


The Analyst: This is the leading expert and owner of the Forrester report who sets the inclusion and evaluation criteria and scores providers based on market trends and the needs of clients.


Research Associate: The RA is the primary contact for analytics providers being evaluated in the report, and they generally maintain the report's schedule and assist in gathering data.


Vendor Response Team: These are the main contacts Forrester maintains with providers of each analytics platform. They are the ones who provide demos for analytics solutions, offer feedback for the Forrester evaluation, and identify candidates for customer reviews. In the event that a vendor chooses not to participate in the evaluation, Forrester will continue the evaluation under their Incomplete Vendor Participation Policy.


Customer References: These are anonymous customers of each provider who take a brief call or survey to describe their experience with the specified vendor.


Demonstrations for big data streaming analytics providers, customer interviews, and questionnaires with evaluation criteria make up the bulk of data gathering. Once the vendors are evaluated, each one will receive a courtesy preview of the report five days prior to its publication. In rare instances, it may be possible for the Forrester evaluation to be affected by events occurring after the kickoff of the report, but this is by no means guaranteed. If you're looking for a strong performer in this market to elevate your data analytics, look no further than TIBCO software. In the Q2 report, they were named an industry leader—the highest honor available.


TIBCO's Strengths



Because of their great analytics offerings, TIBCO was named a world leader along with Microsoft, Google, SAS, and Oracle. Their strong position was furthered by the fact that they received the highest possible score in development, enablement, and market awareness. TIBCO knows exactly what analytics customers need, and they strive to offer the best solutions possible.


The Forrester Wave Report weighs ease of development and scalability more than any other criteria, and TIBCO excels with both. They provide rich, purely visual development tools that require no use of code, so you don't need to be a programmer or data scientist to get your analytics running quickly. Of course, if developers wish to use code to make modifications, that's easily done as well. Scalability with large amounts of real-time data is no problem, thanks to how easy it is to use the development time to improve connectors with application programming interfaces (APIs).


You'll be able to discern complex patterns in data in no time, and you won't need to be a big data expert to understand them, either. Thanks to TIBCO Spotfire, you can break complex data streams down into easily digestible data visualizations like charts and graphs. There's even a free 30-day trial for Spotfire, so you can explore all its functions with no risk.