5 Digital Tools To Boost Your Startup Growth

Integrating digital technologies into different aspects of your startup can make it more efficient and profitable. There is a great deal of interest in artificial intelligence technology (AI) because it can help companies become more efficient. In addition to saving time by automating manual tasks, investing in a technical framework that improves every aspect of your organization is essential.

Technology has paved the way for companies to reach new heights in customer base and profitability. Technology has also created pathways for new companies to launch and lead the industry themselves. The following digital tools will help your business connect points at different levels and throughout the consumer's journey in a way that was never possible.


Using the right marketing tools to complete the time and money you invest in sales growth is essential. Zendesk offers an effective CRM system that collects, organizes, and manages customer information in a single package. This marketing platform will give salespeople the tools they need to exceed the quota while highlighting key areas that need to be improved.

Zendesk's next features make it one of the most popular help desk software solutions for companies looking to take advantage of technology to grow in 2021.

  • Inbuilt customer service portal
  • Live chat features
  • Excellent data analysis tools
  • Integration to Google Analytics

This help desk ticket system serves as a central hub for all your conversations. It collects the right information from customers and provides insights that allow you to provide the best customer service effortlessly.



Evaluating key metrics and performance indicators (KPIs) helps you track your progress and determine whether you're achieving your business goals. Google Analytics helps you stay on track by turning your overall vision into measurable goals.

This program comes with the following tools that give insight into the behavior of customers and the public when interacting with your website and making purchasing decisions regarding your products and services.

  • Google 360 provides information on ROI and other KPIs
  • Javascript codes add interactive elements to keep the users engaged
  • Network reports tell you who visits the website
  • Cookies examine consumer behavior
  • Show when users are live on your site
  • Show pages users explore in the order they are clicked on, how long they say on what pages, and what landing pages lead to sales of your products and services.

It is almost impossible to create a customer-centric business strategy without data. This tool has every feature you need to collect data and analyze social media metrics to unlock key customer insights.

Companies should set up Google Analytics on their website so they can study consumer behavior and better improve their website to give customers what they're looking for. Adobe Analytics is similar to Google Analytics in what it does, but it's a powerful platform for more complex website analytics.



Internal marketing is an effective way to create content tailored to your customers' needs. HubSpot builds meaningful and lasting relationships with your horizons by engaging content and experiences. Maintaining such relationships encourages customer retention and repeat sales. With HubSpot, you'll be able to see different metrics about your website including:

  • Attract visitors to your website
  • Create content
  • Social media sharing
  • Automate your workflow
  • Convert leads and close customers

Using HubSpot, you won't have to reconcile different platforms when marketing to potential and existing customers. Now, you can create your own content, take care of leads, and easily turn contacts into customers as your marketing campaign progresses



Focusing on the aspects that have the greatest impact on your business can help you increase your ROI. Ahrefs lets you collect important data about background links and measure different parameters about the quality of your keywords. This tool helps analyze:

  • Websites’ profiles
  • Keyword rankings
  • SEO health
  • Backlink and referring domains pointing to the website
  • Broken links to your website that you can outreach to fix
  • It can also be used as a search and research tool to study popular topics related to keywords

With Ahrefs, your salespeople will focus on strategies that offer value for money and develop relationships that improve customer relationships. Identifying content that has performed well in social posts is critical to improving search engine optimization. Given that social media plays an indispensable role in influencing your customers' decisions, it is important to invest in interacting with social media.



If your business is on every social media platform, you need to analyze the content before posting to make sure it reaches the right audience. Sprout Social is a social media management tool that gives you a central center for publishing content and improving sharing across different platforms. Sprout Social helps you better understand social media profiles, follower behavior, preferences, and shared audience conversations:

  • Simplify the hard work so you can connect with your audience
  • Deliver responsive solutions to boost satisfaction and loyalty
  • Schedule social post editorial calendar at once to free up time throughout the day for other work
  • Send automatic canned replies to users asking simple questions, so a human does not have to do it

With each company striving to provide the best customer experience (CX), customers have countless options including fast delivery, unlimited information and innovative products. Sprout Social enables you to harness this key driver of growth to meet high customer expectations, so every dollar you invest in marketing has an impact. It also illuminates important business data by taking advantage of different social media sites where customers spend most of their time.


Transform Your Business Digitally

Studying consumers' purchasing behavior is important when taking the right steps to meet their expectations. These tools improve your ability to collect, analyze and deliver data in a simplified way while improving customer relationships to move your business forward. Technology has helped companies grow, expand and start over the past decade. These digital technologies can help your business do it too.