Accepting Credit Cards At Absolutely No Cost To You

There are a couple of revolutionary payment systems that have emerged on the internet. They are becoming quite popular among people who buy and sell things on auction sites as they simplify the way money is transferred between one another.

  • How It Works - The buyer pays with a credit card and then you can either deposit this money directly into a bank account or you can have a check made out payable to you. And best of all - Every step on both ends of the transaction is totally free!
  • What Actions Are Required - If not a member already, the buyer will have to sign up for a free account at one of the payment processor sites that you are a member of.

The two most popular payment processors of this kind are PayPal.

If you want to accept credit cards in this manner, then you should register at both PayPal in order to give your potential customers more payment options. Then you will instruct your customers that in order to pay you for your product or service, they need to send credit card payment to your payment e-mail address via either PayPal.

Instruct them that if they do not already have an account at PayPal, it is absolutely free to sign up and only takes a minute.

  • Pros and Cons - As more and more people join these popular payment programs, it will be easier and easier to convince your customers to pay in this simple format. For now, be warned that you may lose a percentage of your potential customers who won't want to jump through these small extra hoops to pay you by credit card.

You'll have to decide if the cost savings are worth it to you. For an unproven product or service, this may be a good way to test the waters without spending a dime on a more streamlined credit card processing service. If you see that there is some demand for what you are selling, you can always upgrade later to a better credit card service.