Exploit Your Expertise And Sell Complementary Products/Info

From eBiz101.com

Even though you might not realize it, everyone is at least a semi-expert at something. Do you have a hobby? That is probably something that could become a web site. Do you know anything valuable from your job? This can become a web site. Are you a fan of sports or entertainment or just know how to cook? Believe it or not, these interests can be parlayed into a profitable eBiz.

It just takes Two Simple Steps:

  • Step #1 - You will build a web-site that includes valuable content related to your expertise.
  • Step #2 - You will sell any or all kinds of products and services related to your category of expertise.

The best way to explain the kind of eBiz you can have is by giving you several examples. After reading these examples, you should be able to easily come up with one that would best fit your interests.

Cooking Expert:

  • Step #1 - Are you a great cook? People are always searching the internet for great free recipes. You could have a site where you list many of your favorite recipes and/or free instructions on things like "How To Cook A Thanksgiving Turkey."
  • Step #2 - You could also have links to your favorite cook books at Amazon.com or your favorite cooking magazines at eNews. You could also have links to recommended cooking appliances and utensils at Cooking.com or other cooking instructions at eHow. Of course, all these companies will pay you to link to them and it costs you nothing. It's all profits.

Sports Fan:

  • Step #1 - You could have a site specially geared to your favorite sport. Maybe an internet portal on football where you would list and organize links to all the pro and top college football teams' web sites. You could also search on the internet for sites that broadcast audio feeds of games over the internet and have links to these also. Any cool football related sites you can find, you would have links to in an organized way. Football fans will want to bookmark your site and make it their first stop whenever they are looking for football-related stuff on the net.

Are you are real sport expert? You could make a site that gives coaching tips to grade-school and high-school couches and players. Or you could have weekly picks on who you think is going to cover the upcoming point-spread. If you got on a hot-streak, word of your handicapping accuracy would probably spread like wildfire over the internet, flooding your site with visitors.

  • Step #2 - You could sell countless football related things off your site. Sports magazines, books, equipment, uniforms, memorabilia/collectibles. You could link to fantasy football leagues or even sell plane tickets to the Superbowl.

  • Step #1 - Are you an office assistant? You could make a site just for all the secretaries of the world. You could have a chat board where people could vent about hellish bosses. You could have time-saving tips on countless things. Or tips on business letter etiquette, executive gift-shopping, organization, computer software programs. For every piece of information you know, large or small, there are numerous people out there who want to learn about it. Teach them on you web site!
  • Step #2 - You could sell everything from office products to office clothes. You could sell job search services and books.

    Industry Expert:
  • Step #1 - If you are in the Wall-Street community, fashion, entertainment, or any other interesting industry, you probably have numerous lessons you could share. Wall-Street types could explain how to picks stocks or set-up a discount brokerage account. Entertainment experts could give accurate depictions of the steps to becoming a model, or a screenwriter, or an actor. Many people are fascinated by these industries and would love to find a web site that unlocked some of the doors and mystery of it all.
  • Step #2 - Depending on the respective industry, you could sell stock-picking books and magazines, movie videos, CDs, screenwriting software.

    Computer Game Fanatic:
  • Step #1 - Have a site where you give reviews and recommendations on the best games. Give tips and secret cheats and/or have a chat board where gamers can trade tips.
  • Step #2 - Sell games, sell game magazines, sell video game consoles, computers, special keyboards, joysticks, sound cards, speakers... The list is endless.

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Then also join onResponse and WebSponsors (membership is free to all of these). These companies offer many free offers and other free stuff and will pay you just like an affiliate program to promote these things. Many of these free things may relate to your site and, if so, they will probably make you more money than everything else you are offering.