My $44,590 Internet Marketing Lesson

"Just when I thought I was becoming a smart cybermarketer, along comes a humbling lesson I'll never forget..."

"An extremely successful web entrepreneur taught me a basic business lesson last year. His one lesson paid off to the tune of $44,590 last year alone. Are you in need of this valuable lesson too? Read on and find out..."


For years I had been puttering along and doing quite well online. My income had grown to six figures and I considered my marketing plan solid and well-rounded. It was not.

One day a well-known cybermarketing guru approached me and invited me into a joint venture. I reviewed his service and it was top-notch. However, it was priced at a few hundred dollars. My first thought was that it was not ideal for my audience. After all, most were small or home based business owners like myself, so they were working with limited budgets. I declined his offer.

Like the great marketer he is, this guy didn't give up that fast. The very next day, he took my reason for saying no, and identified it for what it really was... a "hole" in my business plan. And while it was a glaring hole from his perspective, being on the inside I had never seen it.


He revealed the hard facts to me with one sentence that fateful day...

"Jim, you are severely limiting your income potential by offering primarily low-priced products and services at your website. "

Admittedly, the average amount of each sale I made was in the $30 range. My books, manuals and software sold well and my highest ticket item was about $100. To me that sounded like a high-priced ticket item. He explained that on the Internet, it is not. He was pulling in a better sales to visitor ratio than I was, and his service cost almost ten times as much as mine!

So I agreed to join this expert in an attempt to plug the hole in my business. As I mentioned, at first I was a bit reluctant to offer any high-priced items at my website. I didn't want to seem greedy. But I quickly learned that online, there are more people willing to pay for premium services such as the one I was about to offer.


The service I added to my line of products was a private site membership which provided a way for entrepreneurs to increase the speed of their success online. The service worked well for the members and after personally sampling it myself, I too was thrilled with the results. In more ways than one...

By simply adding this one higher priced service to my site I was able to increase my income immediately by over $1000 a week. Actually, I cashed commission checks totaling $44,590 throughout the next six months, from this one program. And in the process I'm able to satisfy the folks who are willing to pay for 'round-the-clock' expert consultation for their online business.


So do you have a hole to plug in your online business? Are you offering at least one high-priced item at your site?

If not, the time to get started is now.

There are now more reasons to offer at least one high-priced item at your site than ever before. Here are just a few...

1. Online spenders have more money.

By marketing to people online, you are reaching the highest income bracket in the world. Selling one $250 item is easier than selling ten $25 items.

2. Spending habits differ from one person to the next.

Don't make the mistake of thinking your potential customers' spending habits are the same as yours. Everyone spends differently.

3. The big ticket items ARE selling!

Someone is going to sell the high-priced items and someone is going to buy them. That's a guarantee. Why not be the marketer who fills the need.


Are you convinced yet? If so, get started today. Find a solid product or service that would fit in well at your site. Make sure it is directly related to what you are currently marketing and make sure it is worth the price.

If there's no affiliate program available for the product or service you want to offer, contact the webmaster with a joint venture proposal. You may be surprised at how many webmasters are receptive to these offers.

If you're in the internet marketing arena like me, consider joining me and my new "expert friends" promoting private site memberships.